Prep and Finishing

Prep and Finishing

This last little week hasn’t been a felting week its been a preparation and finishing week with an emphasis on preparation. I carded up all my dyed balls of merino. You can see all my sheep on the top shelf.

caded wool on drum carded wool on shelf


I added the sheep to my little bag, it needs to be reblocked from having little balls of wool in it and hanging out in my purse for a few weeks until I got round to doing the sheep

sheep bag


and doing some doodling in my sketch book, I would like to do more felt art work.

sketch collage

The other thing is I have been  thinking or things that might sell in the summer. I made some felt laundry balls and some tea cozies and bags that might go well in the summer. What do you make for warm weather sales?


20 thoughts on “Prep and Finishing

  1. You never miss an opportunity to show off your huge carder, do you?! 🙂
    I love the texture on your bag. And the sheep are very cute.

    1. Nope, you have to take the opportunities when they show themselves. 😉 the texture in the grass on the bag comes from the silk mixed in that blend. I am not sure where I got it I have had it around for a long time.

  2. I have carder envy! 😀

    Those sheep are adorable, Ann. What kind of bag is it?

    As for Summer sales, that’s a very good question. It’s the season I have less ideas for, so I hope you come up with some good things!

    1. Summer is a hard one but I see Ruth has some suggestions farther down.
      The bag is just a small one for my phone for when I am listening to audio books. I have to make a strap for it yet.
      The card is great but you need to have enough fiber to put through it. I still have a hand cranked drum carder

  3. Ann – looks like you have lots of lovely wool to play with. I am really happy to see your sketchbook!! I sell lots of cat toys in the summer as well as cup cozies, phone/Ipad covers and zipper bags in a variety of small sizes.

    1. Great suggestions Ruth, I think some cozies and phone covers might go well. I will have to message you to find out where you get the balls for inside the cat balls.

  4. Cute sheep Ann! Love the bag and the carder. I’ll bet that puppy saves a lot of time and energy.

  5. The sheep are a great addition to the bag and I think the patchwork fields sketch would make an interesting felt picture!

  6. Oh, the sheep are so cute! And so much lovely wool. I bet you also dyed it yourself.

  7. I really like your bag. I have been making some felt bowls for summer fairs. I also did some nuno felt scarves with just a panel of felt done the middle so that there is wavy silk either side to keep them looking light and summery

  8. So envious of all your lovely wool! Great idea to reblock the sheep pouch. Noticed my kindle cover is getting a bit fuzzy from use so will try that.

  9. Ah summer + felt = not too many sales, understandably. I’ve been trying to make a few summer sun hats – using nunofelt. However, then the brims need to be wired….so everything takes a lot longer to make- all that hand sewing. And am still not sure if they will sell.

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