Online Class Give Away and Q&A

Online Class Give Away and Q&A

As Zed announced last month, we are starting a new venture here, online classes. Our first class is Wet Felting for Beginners starting on March, 1 2015.

wet felting FOR BEGINNERS flyer 1ST March

And for all of you who are holding your breath, waiting to see if you won one of the 4 slots for the class in the give away, the winners are: Micah Bach Kinder, Minnie Rapley, Jolanta and Daveen. Congratulations  🙂  we’ll contact you soon with details.

If you had your name in for the drawing and you didn’t win, you can still sign up for the class here by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your Paypal e-mail address if it is different from your usual one. Be sure to sign up before February 22, 2015 as that is the closing date for sign ups for this first session. If you can’t complete the course now, don’t worry, we’ll be offering this course on a regular basis, probably at least once a quarter.

Now since we are new at this entire venture, there were a few misunderstandings I’d like to clear up.

First, all of our classes will be online classes that can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world. All of the classes will be given in English. Each class will be offered on a set date and last for a prescribed number of weeks. Each class will have access to an online forum and daily access to the instructor to ask questions and also to interact with other class members. The classes will include supply lists, PDF written learning material and some will also include recorded videos. But the most important part is the class forum. This forum will include only the instructor and the students for that session and the daily interaction will allow for a wonderful added learning experience compared to just buying an e-book or self guided course.

All classes will be billed by Paypal. Paypal accepts all major credit cards. You will be invoiced for the class at the time of sign up. Your class information, materials and forum link will be sent to you just prior to the starting date of your class. The supply list for your class will be available on the class information page here on the website. You will have access to all class materials for the length of the class plus the length of extra forum time given at the end of the class. This will vary with each class. All PDF’s will be able to be downloaded and printed out for your personal use. Videos will be available between the published class opening and closing dates. After the class forum closes, videos will no longer be available for viewing.

We will be presenting new class offerings as often as we can and we are looking for interested outside instructors. If you have a fiber art class you would like to offer in this online format, please use the Contact page to let us know. We are currently working on the guidelines for outside instructors and will send these to anyone who has contacted us once they are completed.

I do hope that this answers everyone’s questions. We would also like to thank everyone for spreading the word about our classes. We appreciate it. Thanks to all the students who have signed up and we are really looking forward to getting to know you a bit better and spreading the felting ‘bug’.


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