Needle felting class and Lambs

Needle felting class and Lambs

Recently I taught a needle felting class were we made little sheep.

Making Bodiesfelting bodies

Adding Legsadding legs

And Earsadding ears

Then its time to give the sheep some wool. These are hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester curls. They are small tight  curls perfect for small work.

adding curls purple sheep adding curls blue sheep green sheep with red heart brown sheep

brown sheep 1 blue sheeep and snowman

All very cute in the end and a snowman for company.

And this morning we had 2 new real lambs arrive. twin lambs 2015 It’s not a great picture but they were very new and not interested in posing for a good shot.



16 thoughts on “Needle felting class and Lambs

  1. Awwwww – the little lambs and mum are lovely!

    Your needle felting class went well – the sheep are perfect little studies in wool craft.

  2. I love your sheep, Ann, you must be a good teacher they turned out really well 🙂
    Cute lambs and real sheep too.

  3. Cute lambs – both the needle felted and real ones. I saved some shorter tight curls when we sheared the sheep last time. Was planning on making small sheep, but have not got around to it yet. Perhaps that should be my next project. Not expecting our real lambs before May, when I hope spring has arrived.

  4. Hello Ann, your wee sheep class of many colors looked like a lot of in for everyone.. I do especially love your real sheep best….smile..

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