Week Long Birthday Celebration

Week Long Birthday Celebration

If you’re going to celebrate your birthday, we think you should celebrate all week long. That’s what we’re going to do this week here at The Felting and Fiber Studio. Our “birthday” is November 20th. Our first post was November 20, 2011 and it’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we began. Our plans for the week include four separate give away posts that we hope you’ll spread the word about. Each of us will be doing our regular post for the week and then the following day will be a give away. So stop back all week to join in the birthday celebration and perhaps win something fabulous! We’ll be here in the background humming “Happy Birthday to Us” and dancing about in our birthday suits. Thank goodness you can’t see us!

Laying Out the Wool For a Phone Sleeve

This past week I have been working on making some more felted items to put in the store before the holiday season. I have several of my felted phone sleeves still available but because the phones keep getting bigger and bigger, many people’s new phones will not fit in the old size phone case.

Size Difference

The new size I just made is on the left and the old style which fits my out of date phone is on the right. Hopefully, between the two sizes, everyone’s phone will fit.

Purple and Green Phone Sleeve

This one is purple and green with a bit of red. The photo color is a bit off, so think more towards purple for the background.

Cheesecloth Phone Sleeve

And this one is made with a base of blue wool and hand dyed cheesecloth on top.

Blue Drink Sleeve

I also needed some more coffee cuff/sleeves. Here’s one in blue with a few orange/red accents.

Cheesecloth Drink Sleeve

One with the same cheesecloth as the phone sleeve. I like how the base wool really makes a difference in the color of the cheesecloth on top.

Cheesecloth Flower Drink Sleeve

And this one is red violet with a cheesecloth flower. I hadn’t tried one of these flowers before but it worked out fine. I just wadded up a piece of cheesecloth and made a wool center. It felted right in, no problem.

Have you been making anything for holiday sales or gifts? We’d love to see what you’re making over at the forum. And don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow for the first give away.





29 thoughts on “Week Long Birthday Celebration

  1. ‘Many Happy Returns’ and a sincere ‘thank you’ to all four of you.

    You’ve been busy – phones certainly are getting bigger and thinner – and I like the texture of the nuno felt one.
    The coffee cup sleeves are a good idea and so much nicer than the plastic ones – it also helps to identify which cup is yours on a table full of cups!

    Cheesecloth flowers are great and the one on the cup is pretty – a mini piece of art.
    They work well in pictures too with some stitching and beading – here’s one of Annie’s:

    1. Thanks Lyn! I love the texture of the cheesecloth too. Thanks for the link, Annie’s flower is really nice. And I like the addition of stitching and beads.

  2. They’re all really nice, Ruth, but I Love the ones with cheesecloth! I love the way it scrunches up and the effect the wool migration makes 🙂
    Phones are definitely getting bigger and bigger, when I looked up the new iPhone dimensions the 6plus is as tall as some readers.
    Annie’s flower is lovely, Lyn 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! the ones with the cheesecloth are my favorite ones too. I agree, the new iPhone is definitely the same size as a reader. Too big for me 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for many more years of success!
    And a big thank you to all four of you for your hard work.

    I also love the phone cases with cheesecloth because of the many muted colors and effects you can create. By the way, I am using my old phone case to carry my I-pod with ear-buds. Perhaps you could repackage your old cases for a new purpose. I am working on wrist warmers for holiday gifts.

    1. Thanks Cathy! The cheesecloth ones are definitely my favorite ones too. There are still lots of people out there with the smaller phones. Amazingly there are still some people with flip phones 🙂 I hope you’ll share your wrist warmers on the forum.

  4. A year ago, I was one of those flip phone users! Then I got trendy and bought an I-phone. No going back! I will definitely post my wrist warmers on the Forum…just choosing buttons now, which could take awhile. ;-))

  5. I found you in January of this year when I started felting and each of the administrators and members have been a tremendous help giving me encouragement, instructions and wonderful compliments. I will keep spreading the word about you and our Craftmanship and Art.

    Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do!

    1. Frances, I am glad you have enjoyed the site. It has been great getting to know you a better and encourage your felting journey.

  6. Happy birthday to all your started and have kept up this wonderful site of knowledge and friendship… Thank you all for sharing. Greatly appreciated..

    My favorite is the one with the cheesecloth flower. I will have to try this technique one day, I really like the effect..

  7. Ruth, they all look good, but the cheesecloth ones are my favorites as well. I love that you put made in Montana on the package!

    Now if I can just get that image of dancing in our birthday suits out of my head. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marilyn – the cheesecloth ones seem to be winning 🙂 I always put made in Montana on my stuff. That’s what all the tourists are looking for.

      Couldn’t help myself on the birthday suits line – mine’s purple, what color is yours? 🙂

  8. Thanks for the last three years. Is it really so long since we migrated here. : It’s been a good move!

    My faves are the purple phone sleeve, red cheesecloth cup holder and the sweet little cheesecloth flower. I’m going to try one of those.

    First phones got smaller and smaller, remember those the size of a house brick with a battery pack which was like 2 house bricks and weighed you down on one side? 🙂 Now they’re getting bigger again but and performing more functions than my Luddite brain can cope with! 8|

    1. Thanks Judith – I have enjoyed the last three years and building up a new community. I remember those old cell phones – never had one for the longest time. And yes, there are just too many functions on those “smart” phones.

  9. Happy birthday and thanks to all who are contributing to this site with so much useful advice and encouraging words

  10. The cases are great and I love the cup holders. I made one form myself ages ago but I didn’t know if they would sell.
    Three years has flown by. I thought my regular dancing embarrassed my kids enough but in my birthday suit would send them over the edge. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ann. I have sold several cup sleeves. People like the ones with the fancy designs best. Yes, it is strange how quickly three years has gone by. And sending your kids over the edge sounds like a great idea to me 🙂 So just keep on dancing.

  11. Happy Birthday to you all, this is such a great blog and the forum is such a wonderful caring and sharing resource for felting enthusiasts I can’t imagine life without you all. Many, many happy returns! The blue coffee cup warmer is my favourite 🙂

  12. LOVE your website! Thanks so much for all the useful info & a very Happy Birthday to the Felting and Fiber Studio!!!

  13. Happy birthday to all of you – and congratulations on building up such a great community and useful resource!

    As a maker of felt tablet cases I find it really annoying how they keep changing the sizes of iPads, iPad minis, phablets – I can never keep up! Think I’ll stick to scarves or items where size doesn’t matter. 😉

    And I still have a banana phone somewhere…

    1. Thanks Kim! I agree, it is very irritating how they keep changing the sizes and that there can’t just be a standard size – it’s crazy.

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