Carding Batts

Carding Batts

This last weekend I did some carding. I was making Monet batts.

First my daughter and I pulled apart small bits of wool and mixed it up.

mixing colours

Then onto the table and spread out ready for a trip through the carder.

ready to card

This is after the first pass through the carder. I split the batt into layers and put it through again.

first time through

This after the second pass through

second time through

I made 3 mixed colour merino batts



I recarded some over dyed brown and white Romney wool I had .

Batts2 batts1


And one mixed colour Romney batt

mixed batt

They are fun to do and great for felting or spinning textured yarn. I was thinking I didn’t do anything for Felt United Day, October 4, but I guess I did. Did you do anything?

12 thoughts on “Carding Batts

  1. That’s a brute of a carder you have Ann – make’s mine look like a child’s toy!
    You’ve ended up with some lovely batts – I especially like the last one – and I think I’ve have been tempted to save a bit of the batt shown in the third photo down and not put it through the carder again because I like the distinct bands of colour.

    1. It is a big one, I have a small hand cranked one for doing small amounts or if I want it very smooth with no nepps. You always get nepps with the big one. Less if you are recarding top and more from loose fibers. the stripes were nice but they are only on the very top just because of the way the last of the fiber comes off.

  2. Those look wonderful Ann. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Or do you sell the batts? I didn’t do a thing for Felt United Day. Glad you got a lot of carding done.

    1. I sold some at my guild meeting. When ever I have part of one out somewhere people where asking about them. I usually make them out of left over little bits. I may need to buy wool to make them if they keep selling.

  3. I love the look of those soft fluffy batts, like beautifully coloured clouds. And yes I too am impressed by the size of the carder!
    For Felt United day I spent the whole day felting with a few friends and it was great fun.

    1. Thank you Marilyn. it is big and takes up a lot of space, It has a matching picker that takes up as much room. I would be willing to swap the carder for an Elsa card but that’s just wishful thinking. They don’t make either of them anymore.

  4. I was thinking the same as Lyn 🙂
    That Romney really gives you great texture, they all look gorgeous!

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