Twist Fibre Festival

Twist Fibre Festival

Last week end I went to Twist. It is a fibre festival in Quebec. It is about 1.5 hours away from where I live. I shared a double booth with 2 friends.

our booth 2 our booth 3 our booth

we had lots of stuff. Elizabeth had some yarn and spindle kits and lots of cool roving she had died in a special way to create really cool yarn.   I only got a blurry picture of it close up I am sorry to say.  This is some of Judy’s wonderful hand spun yarn.

yarn 2 yarn 1

Next to us we had a sweet lady who was displaying some fabulous dolls and selling some books. This Traveling yarn store was the other way.

spirit dollstraveling yarnstore

The lace makers were there they had a big display celebrating  the Rideau canal in winter. it is the worlds longest skating rink. Everything on the board is hand made lace.


Of course there was a lot of fibre for sale there was a whole booth for qiviut from raw to finished product.  Qiviut is musk ox fibre. and some beautifully dyed mohair.

Quiviet mohair

and of course Ashford was there. I imagine they are on tour. I can’t imagine they cam just for Twist. They where very nice and had lots of equipment there for people to try. My big purchase was a new e clip for my spinning wheel.

ashford ashford 2

we stayed at a very nice bead and breakfast in the tow where twist was held, Saint-André-Avellin I didn’t get a picture of that either but I did get a picture of the great “club” sandwich we had at a local restaurant.  On the bottom was duck confit and bacon, on top was green apple onion and celery, the bread was apricot, rain and hazelnut bread. It was so good we eat it both nights.

duck sandwich



22 thoughts on “Twist Fibre Festival

  1. Your booth looks so inviting and it looks like a great show to visit.

    I’m dribbling at the sight of that sandwich!

    1. Judy it was a great show. Our fiber festivals are not nearly as big as the ones in the states. I would like to get to Rhinebeck NY for their festival some day.

  2. What wonderful photos of the show. Great booth. Loved seeing the “Art Yarn”… Interesting that the wool roving is sold in boxes. Here they are put in plastic bags. The lace is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Judy, most people sell inn plastic bags. This is their signature. If you have a box everyone knows where you have been. They raise angora goats. The lace ladies are very good. They have a very active group and do demos all over.

    2. I wonder how far the fiber feast in Almont is from Sarnia Ontario which is across from Port Huron Michigan. It sound like it would be a neat show..

  3. Saw this festival advertised a ways back and would have loved to go…thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I don’t know which I like more, fibre or sandwiches 🙂
    It looks like it was a brilliant festival, I hope you enjoyed it and sold more than you spent!

    1. It is hard to pick when it’s a really good sandwich someone else made. that someone else made it seasoning really adds to the flavour. It was good and I did make a profit.

    2. that sandwich was worth the drive, and the festival was amzing too. i will definatly try to do both again next year!!

  5. I went last year and I enjoy it a lot. I took a course on lace felting and visited all the kiosques. Too bad I could not got this year I could have meet you in person, It is a 5 hours drive for me…

    1. It would have been great to meet you. 5 hours is a long drive. There were a couple of ladies that had driven 8 hours to be there. They lived way past Montreal. I did it once to take a couple of classes. There was no classes near me at the time who could show me what I wanted to know. Not something I would want to do very often.

  6. Ann, the Fibre Festival in Almonte sounds fantastic with very cool vendors and fun activities. Who would want to miss the wooden sheep being thrown over the Falls? When I originally saw the Festival advertised as Mississippi Valley Textile Museum I passed it by, thinking the State of Mississippi (I have been to Miss. and probably not returning any time soon).

    1. It is usually a good show. Yes, we have a Mississippi river too. The township is Mississippi Mills. This area used to have lots of woolen and other textile mills.

    1. I have forgotten where you are Frances. The weavers or spinners guild website for your state or region should know where the fiber festivals are. or if there is a sheep association near you. people travel quite a bit to shows.

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