Shibori Scarf

Shibori Scarf

I was inspired by Kim Winter’s post about shibori and indigo recently so I thought I would stitch, tie and over dye one of my “failed” eco dyed scarves. Kim had suggested that the indigo color goes well with the eco dyed fabrics, so even though I didn’t have indigo, I combined blue and black acid dyes to achieve a dark indigo look.

Stitched ScarfFirst I folded the scarf in half, stitched running stitch about every 1/4 – 1/2″ across the scarf. The scarf is a combination of wool and silk that I got from Dharma Trading.

Close Up Before Dyeing

I didn’t have any specific instructions but knew the general idea of how it was supposed to work. Sew a running stitch, pull it tight and tie a knot.

Tied TightHere it is after I tightened up all the strings and tied knots.

Close Up Tied ScarfI had some difficulty holding it tight when I was tying the knots. I don’t think I really got it as tight as I should have.

Shibori ScarfHere’s the finished scarf. It is really hard to get a photo of this color as it tends to looks just black. But it is a really deep blue.

Close Up Shibori ScarfYou can see the patterning much better in this photo. I haven’t ironed it out so it has a nice texture from the shibori tying as well. I think I’ll just leave it as it is and I was happy with the results. Thanks Kim, for the inspiration!

Button on Phone Case

I also added a button to my new phone case that I showed you earlier. This is one of Zed’s polymer clay buttons. You can learn how to make these from her e-book. The button matches perfectly – Thanks Zed!

Pile of Dyed Roving

And just so you don’t think I’m a slacker, here is the wool roving I dyed last week. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Shibori Scarf

  1. Wow, Ruth – you picked one of the hardest shibori techniques to start with! It can help to put plasters on your fingers when you’re tying the knots as you have to pull so hard that the thread can cut into your fingers.

    But it looks like the end result was worth the effort – you’ve got a fabulous texture! Reminds me of sand ripples on the beach – absolutely gorgeous!

  2. The shibori turned out terrific. I love the color and texture. I’d probably leave it unironed as well. The button really finishes the phone case without taking away from the scroll design. As far as being a slacker, that really is a joke! πŸ™‚ The roving turned out great. Nice bright colors. I can’t wait to see how you use them.

  3. No-one could accuse you of being a slacker Ruth – how many of us have built a yurt?!?

    I love the basket of dyed roving and the button you’ve added to the phone case – perfect colour.

    Your scarf has a great texture – it certainly looked tied up very tightly – could you have got it any tighter?

    1. Thanks Lyn – the scarf could definitely have been tied tighter. But it wasn’t really loose either. So I guess for a first try, it was OK.

  4. Love your Shibori scarf Ruth, the texture and colour remind me of sand ripples on the beach too. Your phone case is so cute, and that button just finishes it off perfectly. And of course I am drooling over all that luscious roving you have dyed.

  5. The shibori turned out great. It was really hard to get tit really tight. it helps to have someone who can put their finger on the knot as you tie it. I like the texture. Was it already felted before tying it up or has it be felted by the dying process?
    The button is very suited to the pouch. I think there will be some very happy cats this Christmas.

    1. Thanks Ann – it would have helped if I had 3 hands. The scarf is not felted. The heat makes the silk/wool scarf keep the ripples.

  6. Looks really good Ruth. Tying all those threads in pairs is an art in itself, but it’s worth the effort when you untie them all and that can be tricky too! By the way, that design is called “Mokume” – wood grain. πŸ™‚

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