Busy Busy

I haven’t been doing any felting  this week that I can tell you about. It’s all been for the Holiday exchange on the forum. I will show it to you after my exchange partner has it.

We had a Christmas show at the local farmers’ market yesterday.  My husband had bread and bagels and we had meat pies and lamb. It went very well. I didn’t take scarves but did take my fingerless mitts, soap and cuffs. I almost sold out of mitts. I will have to hustle to make more for my next show of the season on 21 and 22 Dec.

I have no new pictures to show you so I will show you some old needle felted  pictures you haven’t seen.

This is a sweat shirt I needle felted a few years ago

shirt front shirt back

and this is my jean jacket.

jean jacket back needlefelt jean jacket pocket needlefelt



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12 Responses to Busy Busy

  1. Lyn says:

    I like your needle felting Ann – especially the sheepdog! And good news on the mitt sales.

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    The needle felting looks good. A lot of nice detail.congrats on your sales, good luck on the next one..

  3. This is really cool. Would the jacket be washable?

    • Yes the jacket is machine washable. It is a heavy denim and there is not a lot of wool so it washed fine. I did it with a gentle load. The shirt was not washable in the machine.

  4. zedster66 says:

    Your needle felted designs are great, Ann! I’m really impressed with the denim jacket 🙂

  5. ruthlane says:

    I agree with Zed – the denim jacket is impressive. I would have broken 80 needles doing that. Good luck with your next sale.

    • Thanks Ruth, It was slow going Ruth. I did it a long tine ago before I had tendentious. Originally it had a sort of mountain scene across the bottom with some sheep but it wore off quickly as the jacket hits me just below the hips.

  6. koffipot says:

    Love the needle felted details on the jacket.

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