nuno class and some great weaving.

nuno class and some great weaving.

Yesterday I taught a Nuno felt scarf class at the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild. this was my first class in our new space.

I still am not used to taking pictures of what  ma doing so all I have is a final class shot of the finished scarves. the two ladies on the right traded scarves for the picture because the didn’t show up against their clothing.

nuno class 2013


to make up for my forgetfulness I have some pictures from our last guild meeting where Inge Dam came to tell us about her weaving. she combines weaving on a loom with card weaving. Her work is beautiful. I have a few pictures but her website has much better pictures if you take a look. She also has an amazing book.

id 4 ID4 ID 1

I hope to get some time to felt this week but I know I have to make tourtiere pies for the Kemptville Farmers’ Market Christmas sale on Saturday.

10 thoughts on “nuno class and some great weaving.

  1. Could’nt help but notice the sleepy guy sitting in the background of the multi-coloured coat! 😉
    Hope you have a successful toutières sale! I have yet to make mine for this year. Sigh….

    1. I hadn’t noticed Jason sleeping there. That’s funny. I hope they go well Mireille. This is a new market sale for us. Our other pies went well at the regular market.

  2. The scarves and jackets are beautiful. Was the new space better for teaching Nuno? It looks like such a nice facility.

    1. Inge’s work is stunning. It worked well for the class. There where a few glitches but its a new space and we have to work out the kinks. I think things will be fine once we settle in properly.

  3. I had to google tourtiere pies – they look good… do the scarves and jackets – your class was a success judging by the happy faces!

    1. Yes defiantly a Canadian Christmas treat Lyn. I would mail you one but I don’t think it would make it. They all did seem to really enjoy the process as well as the results.

  4. Your students look like they are proud of their hard work. I don’t usually see too many guys taking felting classes, do you get many for your classes? The jackets are really beautiful.

    1. We don’t get many for any of the guild classes but there are a few. Both Mark and his wife next to him are quite interested in everything the guild does. They both did a hat class too.

  5. That looks like a great place to teach, Ann, and those scarves are gorgeous. I like the weaving too. When I win the lottery … 😉

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