Getting Ready for a Show this Weekend.

Getting Ready for a Show this Weekend.

Finally the show is here. It starts today at 4:00.


I finished the Viking hats Wednesday night and did the last min ironing.

finish the ironing gray viking hat

Everything is packed into their bins. This is the only time I am organised. I have to be or I would never get  packed or set up.

flower cuff and sheep bin hat box mitt bin soap bin hat display partsodds and ends bin

The last one is the odds and sods bin. It has all those things you end up needing like pins and scissors. batteries and extra pens. I have to pack my show cloths to change into. They aren’t fancy but before the show I help set up by measuring out the spaces and using tape to  mark the corners, so I get all dusty crawling around on the floor..

And here it is all packed in the van. There is a mannequin seat belted into the back seat as well. It looks like there isn’t enough stuff to me. I didn’t have to put tables or a tent in. There are the two  A-frame signs for the show that get put out on the corners if the wind ever dies down.

Van Packed

Wish me luck.

16 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Show this Weekend.

  1. Good Luck! You have plenty of goodies and they all look great. I love the Viking hat! What are the colorful things in the fourth bin down? Here’s hoping you come home with empty bins!

  2. I am also getting prepared for a show being held tomorrow. I won’t have too far to drive since it is in the other village on the island. It is both a Christmas sale and a fund raiser for the village’s library. Hopefully it won’t be as rainy as it has been for the last few days! I wish you a most successful show with lots of sales. Those Vikings hats are cool!

    1. I hope you have a good show Mireille. Its been cold and rainy her this week and we even had snow on Wednesday. This morning it was blowing a gale and we had wind warnings. I am hoping it makes people think of winter and Christmas.

  3. Looks like a great start. It always feels like you’re forgetting something, doesn’t it? I hope you sell lots and the show is a good one.

  4. The hats turned out great, Ann 🙂 It all looks nice even in boxes 🙂
    I hope it all goes well and you sell lots.

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