A Fingerless Mitt Experiment

A Fingerless Mitt Experiment

Christmas is coming so I am still working on fingerless mitts for my guild sale the first weekend in November. One of my scarves made the poster.


I decided to try an experiment with a couple of pairs of Mitts. I wanted to make long cuts to reveal another colour.  I wrapped some shrink tubing and some regular tubing like you might use in a fish tank in some wool. I gave it a quick felt to get the wool tight around the tube. I thought this might be the best way to keep the fibers where I wanted them. I placed them between the layers of the mitts.

tubes collage

It worked really well.  After I cut the felt and took the tubes out I steamed them and opened up the slits. They are purple and pink and pink and purple but the cameras seems to think the purple is blue. I think it is because the wool of the table is so yellow.

purple and pink pink and purple

This is what they look like on. Sorry the pictures are bad I had to take it on my own arm.

purple and pink on pink and purple on

They turned out really well . I think I could have used less wool around the inclusions. I think I might felt them more next time too.

the other thing I did recently was make a matching set of hat and mitts. I added some silk to both, scrunching it  up to make it very textured. One small part didn’t stick down properly on the hat and will need a couple of stitches.

gray hat and mitts

I have more hats on the go and need to do some scarves before the sale but I think things are going well so far. Have you tried anything new recently?

15 thoughts on “A Fingerless Mitt Experiment

  1. The matching mitts and hat are fantastic! I love the texture and colour combo.

    The plastic tube worked a charm for the cutaway feature – good invention – and a neat design feature.

  2. Very neat technique for the mitts. They all look great! I’m sure they will be popular at the guild sale. Good luck!

  3. They all turned out really well 🙂 The matching hat and mitts have great texture. I have black, white and grey fabric, and beige hardboard for taking photos on, it’s hard to get accurate photos!

    1. It is a pain though, because they always get wrinkled or covered in fibres, I’m always having to use those lint rollers on mine 🙂

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