Our Mosaic Weekend

Well i had a great time last weekend with my sister, i honestly didn’t think she would enjoy it, not being crafty at all but she surprised me and absolutely loved it.  I arrived at her place on Friday afternoon and i just couldn’t get her to start lol  even she didn’t think she would enjoy it so of course there was a lot of procrastination on her part lol   we got up early on Saturday and took the plunge 🙂  Her neighbour came in for a couple of hours to have a quick lesson and then it was just Julie and I.  She loved it that much we ended up doing a marathon 14 hrs straight of mosaics lol   good music on in the background , her partner Mark keep coming in at the appropriate times to feed and water us lol  and I’ve never seen her so relaxed, she actually slept like a log after that ( not usually a good sleeper) and now she’s determined to keep going,  think I’ve created a mosaic monster haha ,

Here’s  a few pics for you.  After me trying to get her to work our what sort of picture she wanted over the last few weeks !!!  I ended up just drawing out this flower pot which she loves, so i know its not a really tech drawing but she was very happy.

Totally engrossed and didn’t want to stop





this was as far as we got before i had to leave


and 3 days later its ready for grouting

Julie and done

I’m very proud of my sister and she really couldn’t be happier with the outcome,  I hope you’ve all had a great week,  im working on some small mosaic pieces for my new vegie garden so hopefully i’ll have pics soon xo

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14 Responses to Our Mosaic Weekend

  1. Lyn says:

    That’s a pretty mosaic picture and you can tell by the photos just how much your sister enjoyed it!

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Great job Julie, the mosaic is beautiful. Kudos to you Karen for persistently encouraging her. The fact she slept well speaks volumes. Sometimes we all need a shove to find out something is good for us.

  3. ali says:

    beautiful mosaic – I love the design

  4. ruthlane says:

    What a great job she did. I’m sure she is as proud as you are Karen. Sometimes it does take encouragement but there is a well of creativity in all of us. You just need to tap into it. 🙂

  5. lizseville says:

    I think it is very pretty. LizSeville.wordpres.com

  6. It turned out really nice. She did a great job. what more can you ask for then great art and a good nights sleep.

  7. zedster66 says:

    I’m glad Julie got into it and liked it so much 🙂 The finished piece looks great, I’m looking forward to seeing it grouted 🙂 Well done on teaching and motivating, Kaz.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Zed, She’s looking forward to grouting it to and i think she’s already started on another one while she waits for the messy bits lol xo

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