I have not been nearly as productive as Ruth but I did finally get an afternoon to do some felting. I did 2 scarves the first is a purple and pink one. First I put the purple wool on but when I wet it the wool completely disappeared in to the silk so I added some pink curls to perk it up. Not a very exiting scarf but I like the way the wool pulled in. I doesn’t show well on the mannequin but it was to windy to take pictures outside.

wool on scarf

wool on scarf

add pink curls

add pink curls



The next one is brass? cream? gold?  and green. I put green leave all over then thought it look pretty boring so added the purple highlight, still I don’t like it so I added the greenish gray leaves with the orange highlight.

close up

close up

full length

full length

It wasn’t very thrilling but I didn’t know what to add so went ahead and felted it. It turned out all right but nothing to get very exited about.



So do you like the colour choices I made? What colours would you have picked for this silk? What would you have added after the leaves?

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11 Responses to Scarves

  1. I think they are incredibly beautiful. There is something so elegant about these large scarf wraps.

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Is the silk tie or ice dyed? The colors are great. I’m partial to purples and the pink was a good choice for the curls. Nice adornments. The gold, greens are great fall colors. I may have added some yarn to tie the leaves together like a vine and perhaps some more matching wool to give it more texture, but that’s me. It’s beautiful the way it is. I know how frustrating it is not to have something come out the way you planned. But a potential buyer doesn’t know that. 🙂

  3. Lyn says:

    The pink/purple is a great combination and it drapes beautifully!

    I like the colour combo of the second scarf and it looks lovely. But if you’re not totally happy with it, and make another with the same colours, then Marilyn’s idea is worth trying or perhaps have some groups of 3 leaves instead of all singles?

  4. zedster66 says:

    I often find interesting colour combinations when I’m just doing a little experiment and use my least favourite things so I don’t waste the ‘good stuff’, then they become my favourites for a while 🙂 I think you chose the colours well, I like the orange highlight on the leaves.

  5. ruthlane says:

    I like them both. A lot of people like subtle color schemes.

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