Around The Web

Around The Web

Here’s a few links we thought you might enjoy.

felting around the web 4

Renatos Eyeglass Case

mixed media around the web

This link has some fiber related tutorials but so much more that is interesting.

Coiled Basketry by Tiger C

Michelle Mischkulnig’s Fiber Art

Kathleen Vance’s Traveling Landscapes

stitching around the web

Ann Wood’s Bloomer, Bloomer and Bloomer

dyeing around the web

Vicki’s Dyed and Painted Shower Curtain

3 thoughts on “Around The Web

  1. Vicki’s Dyed Shower Curtain is terrific, and I love Renatos Eyeglass Case – the design is so delicate.
    Michelle’s work is wonderful and funnily enough I had only just looked at her work, for the first time, after koffipot pointed it out on the forum!

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