Getting there slowly

Getting there slowly

Well i’m slowly getting everything back to normal after emptying out the whole downstairs of our house for new flooring , i know most of you have seen how they came out (sorry ) but  i absolutely love it, this is my favorite floor in my craft room and who cares about spilling water anymore lol

I’m getting my shelves back in order but i’ve culled a lot of stuff i really dont need in here so now its bets on with how long i can keep it nice and tidy 🙂  or bring more stuff in 🙂 I dont have my table in yet as its being used as a make shift kitchen bench right now but i’ll be bringing it in soon ( i hope)

I seem to be collecting ufo’s to and i really dont know what to do with them, a few of my first bags and a pile of wall hangings, also another pile of stuff that i’m not bringing back in here,  i really dont have the confidence yet to make something to sell and i really dont know how to over come that ,  i’ll just keep practising though and having fun anyway, it just seems a waste to make something and then shelve it or box it up !!  OOOO One day 🙂

So anyway i thought i’d just give an update and say we are getting there slowly but surely.

This is also the kitchen i’m dealing with, having gutted it out and now waiting for the new one to go in, no sink but at least we hooked the dishwasher up 🙂  Unfortunately my felting table found its use in here to hold the kettle ect.  Hopefully it wont be to much longer before my new whizz bang kitchen is in, pleeeeeease hurry up !!!  Beautiful isnt it lol


So whats everyone else working on at the moment, i’m itching to get this all finished so i can get back into some fun times with you 🙂

14 thoughts on “Getting there slowly

  1. It all looks very neat and tidy – has anyone started the betting on how long it stays like that? It’s so difficult to keep things in order when you’re busy making.

    I empathise with your kitchen arrangement. I went through that five years ago. We had the whole house upside down with extension and renovation work and builders here daily for 6 months. The kitchen was the last room to get finished and the ‘kettle table’ was put in so many different rooms that some times I couldn’t remember where it was!
    I got fed up eating brick dust with every meal and at the time it seemed as though it would never end – but of course, it did.
    So, chin up, you’re nearly there!

    1. Thanks Lyn I’m betting on myself to keep it tidy lol, oh 6 months of reno’s would have been so hard to deal with but i bet the end result was Fabulous, having said that i think were already into the 4 month and yes i do know what brick dust taste like to, lots of fun xo

  2. My son and daughter-in-law would empathise, they are living in very a very similar state after the deluge we had earlier in the year, and they have 2 young children to ‘help’! 🙂 Living without a kitchen is the hardest thing to cope with. My husband asked them if they may be finished for Xmas and my son said, “Oh yes, but I’m not sure which one”!

    On the positive side – you are making progress and you are so lucky to have a designated craft room. Mine is somewhat makeshift and cramped, so I have to make all my bigger projects on the dining table,

    Best wishes 🙂

    1. Thanks Judith Oh i feel for your son and daughter-inlaw it would be so much harder with little ones, especially not having a kitchen, i hope they can get it all finished before this Xmas 🙂 Yes i am lucky to have my own room, it does make it easier as i can leave a project going with packing up. But I have been known to use the dinning table as well and then making hubby have his dinner on the coffee table lol

  3. I had a studio makeover a couple of years ago. My studio is very tiny, but has a closet. I had a professional studio designer (a friend of mine) make a plan for my space. She told me how to organize and label every thing. My husband built shelves into the closet. I bought tons of clear storage boxes. Sorted and labeled each box. It took 3 months. But now, I can walk over to each box and find just what I want. It has changed my life.

    1. Thanks Judy That is a great idea, i think i could fit a lot of boxes on my shelves and that’d be a good way of keeping everything together and neat 🙂

  4. It looks great karen. The secret is to tidy and sort everything back to where it belongs before you start the next project so you can find everything. If you just shove it away anyplace, then you get in a mess quick, ask how I know.

  5. It’s looking great, Kaz 🙂
    When my cooker broke a few years ago, I had to live without one for about 6 months. I really wanted one which had a really low setting for baking Fimo plus an eye level grill (so fussy!) and I couldn’t find one anywhere. I never thought I’d get tired of sandwiches, but I did for a while, I even ate quiche a few times *shudder* 🙂
    I think you should felt some boots for your table legs so they don’t scratch your gorgeous new floor 🙂
    You could always give some of your things away to the op shops, people would get unique items and the interest in felted stuff would increase.

    1. Thanks Zed Buying an new oven (cooker) is an important decison so we have to make sure its the right one. Didnt you have an electric frypan at the time, you could have cooked a roast dinner in that, ( minus the meat ) lol and there’s nothing wrong with eating Quiche lol I am going to do an op shop run with some things that i dont want back in here, good idea 🙂

  6. Love your new floors! We put new ones in our house and got more organized in the process. Fortunately my studio is in the garage so it wasn’t affected, too much. I agree about the clear plastic bins and shelving, really worth the effort.
    Right now I’m dyeing a silk cotton scarf th felt onto, it seems thin enough and the hand is lovely. Wish me luck, I’m taking it out of the dye bath this morning!

  7. Karen – it looks wonderful. I just re-organized my room and my shelves are packed to the brim already. I must need to send you some stuff 😀

    I do try and tidy away everything from one project before I start the next. It does help to keep things a bit organized. And I try to keep things in the same place all the time. Plastic bins do help.

    If you don’t want your felted things, you could give them away on your blog. Or do a UFO swap on the forum. Then whoever you swapped with can do something to finish the UFO (unfinished object) and you finish theirs. That makes for a fun challenge/swap.

    Good luck with the kitchen. I’ve been through a kitchen renovation where we ended up having to take out the entire floor. So I know it isn’t any fun. But you should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth Oh i really might neeeeeeed some more stuff soon lol The plastic bins are a great idea and i think next time i’m at ikea i’ll look around and see what they have. Oh i didnt think of putting things on my blog for a swap or give away, thats a great idea to i might just do that. There is lots of light at the end of my tunnel and i know it wont be long before its all finished, its pretty exciting really 🙂

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