Felting Around the Web

Felting Around the Web



Flextile’s Felt Snail Shells and her exhibition

Jane LaFazio’s “Sedona” in Felt

Felted Chicken Footstools

Deborah’s Penguin Tea Cosies

Mattie’s Green Man

G Felt’s Shibori Neck Piece



Create your own Glass Eyeballs

2 thoughts on “Felting Around the Web

  1. Thank you for choosing these wonderful sites for us to enjoy Ann.

    I loved the chicken footstools and I thought the eyeball idea was terrific!

    1. Thanks Lyn, we all contribute to the felting around the web posts. There are lots of cool things people are doing I want to make sheep finger puppets. A friend and I were talking about making finger puppets the day before I saw these.

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