Cotton Gauze

Cotton Gauze

I’ve been quite busy lately working on my project of ‘other’ fibres and fabrics used in felting. I’ve been making a lot of felt pieces using lightweight cotton fabrics like muslin and cheesecloth. Another fabric I’ve used is Cotton Gauze, this is sometimes called ‘Scrim’, and I’ve used a couple of different types. Here is a selection of some dyed pieces I have.

It’s really good for creating texture and effects. I’ve been making large bold pieces to use for bookcovers.

I’ve also made some smaller pieces with resists, using the gauze for texture. This piece was for making into a pouch.

and this became a textured sculptural vessel

I’m starting to have a huge pile of colourful, texturey felt pieces all waiting to be made into something once the weather gets too hot for felting. This is a close up of a large piece I made for making a purse and matching mirror case out of.

The lightweight cottons also work really well for using in scarves and wraps instead of the usual silk. Do you use scrim or cotton fabrics in felting, or fibre art? How do you find it to work with? Have you ever dyed your own? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it and see photos if you have links 🙂

22 thoughts on “Cotton Gauze

  1. Dyed scrim is scrummy! The close-up shot of the pink almost looks like a fondant fancy doesn’t it?

    The lovely colours really show up on the dark base that you’re going to use for bookcovers and I’d love to see the finished purse and matching mirror case because those colours were made for each other.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      Yeah, there is something very cakey/party/summery about the colours.

  2. These are very pretty, I love the colours and textures.

    It’s strange that you should post this today as I’ve been trying to get some open weave cotton scrim without success and I was just about to put out a distress call to the forum to ask where you get yours in uk.

    Can you advise please ? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Judith.
      I got a pack of Medicare Plus Cotton Gauze given to me, the regular medical stuff that costs about £3 from Boots, the pieces are labelled as 10 x 10 cm, but are folded up a few times. If you google ‘scrim’ you’ll see plasterers scrim, which is the same on a roll, but narrow, that’s about £3 too. I think Lyn used to buy it off the roll, so maybe do ask on the forum.

  3. Wonderful colors Zed – I have used a bit of cheesecloth/scrim in felted pieces but not a lot. We dyed lots of it for my class but haven’t really used much of it yet.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I just dyed some with RIT recently and it came out really nice, it was bright red though, so impossible to photograph!

    1. They have some nice colours but are a bit too expensive for me 🙂
      I hope you enjoy using it, come back and share a link if you post it online 🙂

    2. Thanks zed,

      A useful link, the colours are beautiful, but a bit expensive as you say. The pieces are a bit small for my needs, I’d rather just have a bigger piece in white and dye it myself as needed.

      However, may treat myself sometime !:)

  4. Lyn’s posted a link on the forum to where she got hers, they seem to have quite a few if you search scrim, gauze and muslin. I might call them and ask their thread count.

  5. Great colours. I’ve used it wehm making a purse over a resist. you sew it arounc your resist them layout like normal and you have a self lining purse. It was my introduction to nuno feting. i will have to see if I can find it.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I’ve used the gauze as a lining too, it looks really good, doesn’t it? I’d like to see photos of your purse if you find it.

  6. Gorgeous saturated colours! I’ve never used scrim in my projects (I mainly quilt and embroider), but I’d like to at some point. The texture looks amazing.

    1. Thanks, Marie 🙂
      I love the texture too. Share a link with us if you try it 🙂

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