Felting Around the Web

Felting Around the Web

Felt Alongs Lamp/Vessel

Deborah’s March Doorstops

“Ordinary” Face by Mattie van den Heuvel

Felted Hand Puppets by Frauke Walder

Felted cords/ropes


Flextile’s Shibori Dragonfly

Deborah Schlegel’s Post of Kelsey V. Wiskirchen’s Thread Sketching Exhibit

Kay Susan’s Slow Cloth with TAST stitches and a second post about it

Louise Saxton’s Reclaimed Needlework

Paper Sculpture by Anna-wili Highfield

Fabric and button flower brooch tutorial

How to make an owl from felt pieces

Whitney Matalone’s Time Lapsed Video of the IKAT weaving process

5 thoughts on “Felting Around the Web

  1. Fascinating collection Ruth.

    I loved the paper sculptures and Deborah’s doorstops, and I felt exhausted at the end of watching the IKAT weaving – such a lot of work involved in that!

    I was very interested in the video of the making of cords – I hadn’t seen that method before and it looks much easier than the way I learnt.

    1. Thanks Lyn! The IKAT weaving is very labor intensive. Zed found the making cords video. Glad you learner something new.

  2. I loved Deborah’s doorstops too. I think my eyes would give in doing that IKAT! I love the handed on exhibition and the TAST slow cloth. Thanks 🙂

  3. Thank you for the links. They’re awesome and helpful. I particularly love the skill of relting rope. You’re so kind to share. BIG THANKS.

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