2012 First Quarter Studio Challenge

2012 First Quarter Studio Challenge

I love texture, especially natural textures such as lichen, bark, fungus, moss… I could go on and on. I have tons of photographs of these types of surfaces and I’m always inspired by looking closely at them. So my challenge for the first quarter is related to surface texture. I want you to go exploring and find an interesting texture that inspires you. You don’t have to limit yourself to the natural world. Perhaps you are inspired by a rusting piece of old machinery, multiple layers of posters stuck to a wall, peeling paint on the side of a boat or whatever captures your fancy.

Once you’ve found the texture you’d like to develop into a work of fiber art, take photos. I’d love to see your working process with this challenge. Since you have three months, take your time and see where the original inspiration takes you. Perhaps you just jump right in and just start laying out fibers to felt or whatever it is you do. Or maybe you draw some sketches and paint some pages in your journal, make some samples and then begin your final challenge piece. Show me your working process and how you got from the photo to your finished piece.

All four of us here will be posting periodically through the next three months for the challenge. If you’d like to join in, please join our Flickr group and post your photos there with a tag of surface texture challenge. Or if you have your own blog, post about the challenge and then come back here and leave us a comment with a link so we can go check out your surface texture piece or process. We’ll put all the links into one of our Felting Around the Web posts so that everyone can see.

What surface texture inspires you? Please do tell! I know I’m not the only one who is taking photos of odd things while everyone else is taking photos of the scenery. 🙂

21 thoughts on “2012 First Quarter Studio Challenge

  1. Hi, I bookmarked your site and this blog entry. I love moss, lichen and all “gnarly” natural things. I’ve made wreaths from bramble branches in the past…ouch. Anyway, I will be checking back frequently…Kathy

  2. Hi, I like this idea as also have photos PLUS many of textured surfaces, mostly rocks, tree roots, gum tree bark, leaves and lichens; even before the days of digital photography I kept these photos. Thinking cap is on. Pam

  3. I love this challenge. Texture is one reason I was so drawn to textile art in the first place . I think that there are two different brain types are either drawn to panoramic scenes or microscopic and I have been drawn to the micro details of nature since childhood , like Horton, I believe that I can hear the whovillians hiding in the moss : )

  4. Odd to some maybe, but I would say pretty standard for textile and fibre junkies, I have a few/ way too many, photos of such texture shots too! Sounds like a very interesting challenge.

  5. I just stumbled across this page by accident, but happy to have found it as it’s a very interesting challenge. Thinking cap is on. Love your pics.

  6. A photo of my skin would also make for good texture (sigh), but apart from that, bull kelp and seaweeds that wash up on our shores are my inspiration. Will get to work. cheers, Liz

  7. This has so many wonderful possibilities! I look forward to seeing what each does. Immediately an old fire hydrant where I drop off my husband each day comes to mind. And then there is the eucalyptus tree on the corner…. choices, choices!

  8. I kind of forgotten about what quarter and what challenge was where and when to post pictures. Such is life in the creative lane! Got distracted with dyeing matters, photos to come later, and other matters. However, I did make two felt items where textures were incorporated, both are felt balls and photos were posted in the feltingandfiberstudio Flickr site. Hope it works out with the texture theme… I am currently working on more sculptural textures on another felt ball. I find that the “ball” format works best for me for some interesting research and experiments with felt.

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