Studio Challenge

Studio Challenge

This is my version of the Studio Challenge Twist,Twirls & Spirals

This was going to be a flat felt piece for a wall hanging but i really wasnt happy with it and about to throw it out !  When i folded it up i realised that it would be perfect as a book cover

Blue is not my favorite color and i tried to liven it up with swirls of contrasting colors and then i added stitches and Beads in  spirals and some twisted yarn, although i’m not sure thats very noticable.

6 thoughts on “Studio Challenge

  1. That’s really nicely done, Kaz 🙂 I like the almost invisible spirals giving texture to the background.

    1.   Thanks Zed Yes i should have made them stand out a bit more i think but anyway i do like it now 🙂

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  2. Just goes to show you that you should never throw out felt. You can always make it into something else. I’m not really fond of blue either but this is great.

    1.   Thanks Ruth I do wish i’d used a different color background but now it is what it is, i might just have to make another one 🙂

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