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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s New Years Day and I feel like I should say something profound but I haven’t been able to think of anything other than I hope your old year ended well and the new one will go the way you hope.

happy-new-year 1

Last year I picked the words explore and persevere as my words for the year. I didn’t try as many new things as I would have liked but I did do some things, I did some small art works and took a boot making class on line. The boot making class brings us to perseverance. I have made 2 sets of boot tops so far and am not happy with them. I did adjust the pattern between tries and I am still not happy. the upper fits better but the Uncle is not right yet.  I ordered more wool and will adjust the pattern again and hope that I am 3rd time lucky. so more perseverance this year too.sheep spiral

one boot shrunk

I think the other idea I would like to work on is self awareness.  Trying to do the things I want and not what others think I should do. That sounds a bit selfish but I don’t mean ignoring other peoples needs just being more aware of my own.


Step one for everything is doing the new year sort and tidy. Nothing like working to make a mess. Everything is on the wrong place and its time to put it all back and maybe find better places for things. And maybe but only maybe, get rid of some stuff. I am not good at getting rid of things that might be useful. I have the packrat gene.


Building in 2013

Building in 2013

My chosen word in 2013 was Build. I can’t say that I really thought about the word itself much throughout the year, but I did build things, the most notable of course was the yurt.

Is It a Mushroom?

The yurt building process began in March and we had the yurt raising party in mid October. This was the biggest felting project I have ever tried and even though it was hard work, I really enjoyed the process (excluding that one day it poured rain on us). Dennis and I learned so much and the end result was very satisfying. There are a few more things we need to do next spring before we put the yurt back up but all in all, it was a great experience. Thanks again to everyone who helped with the yurt, we really appreciated your assistance.

In regards to my other goals for the year, I did complete the last session of my level 2 stitch class which included making a beaded book, various applique samples, a machine stitched book and machine cut back applique. My class held an exhibition in September which was well received. I was sad when the class was over because I really enjoyed learning more stitching techniques, art and design and interacting with my fellow students.

The Daily Dose of Fiber Challenge was the first quarter challenge here for 2013. I wanted to encourage everyone to be creative every day even if it was just for 5 minutes. I did blog about my daily dose of fiber over on my personal blog on a daily basis. I had hoped I would get in the habit of blogging more regularly but that hasn’t seemed to last very long into the year. Instead, I am back to blogging once a week on my personal blog. I guess if I didn’t have a full-time job, five blogs, Facebook, the forum blah, blah, blah, then I would have more time. 🙂 But I do still try to have a daily dose of fiber each day and enjoy my creative time.

In June, I took another course at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center, Level 1 Color Studies. Mainly using acrylic paints, we studied various color wheels and color combinations. It was really interesting to me to see all the colors that can be achieved and how one color looks different depending on what other colors surround it. I think you could spend a lifetime studying color.

Pile of Dyed RovingThroughout the rest of the year I dyed fiber, carded batts, worked in my studio journal, made a bunch of note cards, free motion stitched a variety of projects and made a few notebook covers. In my local group, I learned some new techniques including free form crochet, carving linoleum print blocks, ice dyeing, natural eco print dyeing, paper fabric lamination and encaustics.

Free Motion Machine StitchedI then experimented with the paper fabric lamination with nuno felting and it worked like a charm. I really like this technique and I think I’ll be trying more of this.

Close Up Shibori ScarfI also tried some stitched shibori for the first time and overdyed two scarves with that method. Even though the stitching and tie method is a bit fiddly, I like the result and will most likely be doing a few more of these as well.

Full Tree 3One of my other goals was to continue to build a fiber arts organization that I started called Tangled. The group had its first exhibition with the theme of Shelter in October at The Purple Pomegranate. For that exhibition, I made my umbrella tree pictured above. This was made by felting over an umbrella and recreating the top of the umbrella with nuno felt. I am thinking that I will enter this piece into a few more exhibitions in the coming year. The group is also planning an annual exhibition and perhaps some outdoor fiber art installations.

The only goal that I didn’t manage to meet was making video tutorials. I did make some videos of the yurt and my beaded book but I haven’t managed to make any tutorials. Perhaps next year? I did make plans for further teaching opportunities but sadly those classes did not fill up and had to be cancelled.

As I was looking back over the year here, it amazes me how much Ann, Zed, Karen and I have accomplished. Well done ladies! I am also thinking on what the focus will be in 2014. Are you planning any big projects or changes in direction? We’d love to hear about your plans for the new year. Best wishes in the New Year!

looking back at 2012

looking back at 2012

Back in January I picked a worked for the year, Breath. I think I managed to do that more or less. Stopping to think about what I want to do. I tried some new felting things and learned to use a serger. Signed up for some new shows. I went to the medieval fair all dressed up and had a great time. So I did breath and do some things I have been wanting to do for a while.  I still haven’t worked on complicated resists much but I am still thinking about it.

Dressed up for the fair
Dressed up for the fair

It’s been fun and educational doing this blog with Ruth, Karen and Zed. Through the forum I’ve got to know some friends better and meet some new friends. All in all despite some sad times this year it has been pretty good and on track.

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