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Washing some Fleece

Washing some Fleece

While looking for something else I found some unknown dirty wool. There was lots of nice curls so that’s probably why I kept them. There wasn’t a whole fleece but just a piece of one, enough to fit in a dish washing bowl. Here it is sitting on top of the water before I pushed it under. There is some dish soap in the water.


Here  it is soaking. This is a pretty clean piece of fleece the water isn’t very dirty.

IMG_2435 IMG_2439

Here it is drying, and after it is dry, it is much lighter gray.


The are lots of small bits in the individual locks  so I tried just combing the ends and rewetting them to bring it back together.

IMG_2452 IMG_2453

Unfortunately it did not word as well as I hoped. They are better and perhaps if I used them on some felt or off the edge of some felt they may come back together by the end of the felting.


Have you had any success in getting locks back together?



Around the Felting Studio and Farm this Week

Around the Felting Studio and Farm this Week

Not a lot of felting itself going on this week but I have been busy. Like everyone else I never have enough storage space in my studio so I painted up all the peices and hubby and son put a new shelving unit together for me. I started to put sort and put things on it already but more needs to be done.


I am teaching at a multi guild gathering today. We call it Distaff day and for a small fee you get two 2 hour classes, lunch, vendors and lots of chatting with like minded people. I am teaching nuno felt bracelets and taking hookers necklace. I will have pictures of the day in a later post.

stuff for class

I washed some old fleeces I found stashed away and salvaged a small amount of curls I will cut from the  matted back. I don’t know where I got these but they would have been free. They don’t look bad in the pictures but they were in rough shape.

washed wool

I received a raw flees I ordered for a hat project that you will get to see when it’s done.  I was down to picking between 2 fleeces and in the end picked this one because I liked the sheep’s name. The fleece is very curly. I love the smell of raw wool.

wiki fleece

Lastly around the farm: the chickens and turkeys arrived. The Black chickens are egg layers and the yellows are meat birds.

chickens 2 chickens 1

The turkeys are at the ugly stage

turkeys 2

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

This week has been about getting things moving towards upcoming shows. I spent an afternoon wrapping soap in wool and putting them in little nylon bags ready to felt.


I sent another afternoon getting sheep parts ready to felt. The body parts are roughly needle felted then wet felted. The legs are wet felted.

sheep parts

This is what they look like when they are all put together and their wool is added.

sheep small

Lastly I have been soaking a fleece. I have no idea what kind of wool it is. it was a bag given to me a couple of years ago. Here it is getting a rain water rinse hanging in my apple tree. That wasn’t on purpose but the thunderstorm came in before I got it back into a bucket for its first rinse.

wool hanging



Washing Some Wool

Washing Some Wool

This weekend I decided to wash some of the masses of raw wool I have. This is a small piece from one of my sheep she is a mixed breed meat sheep. Here it is before washing.

Raw wool

I put it a large tub with hot water and dish soap.

wool soaking
wool soaking, close

Here is the water after the first soak. The problem with a dark fleece is you can never see how dirty it really is. Here is the water after the first wash.

dirty water

I washed it 3 more times  then gave it a rinse. The water was still to dirty and I washed again. So I had to wash it 5 times.  Then I rinsed it twice, the first rinse had some vinegar in the water.

washed wool

Here it is all dry. I don’t know if I will card it or use chunks of it to make something primitive looking.

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