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From Tiny Acorns

From Tiny Acorns

I completed the second nuno landscape that I was working on. I showed you the first one here.

Here is the piece of silk that I used. I can’t even remember how this was created but it looks kind of like deconstructed screen printing, perhaps. But it looked like a tree trunk to me, as usual everything looks like a tree to me.

Once it was felted, I used the silk screen shown to print some leaves at the top of the trunk. I combined silk screen medium and acrylic paint to print directly on to the nuno felt.

Here’s the piece after I printed the leaves. I added a few light ones on the ground as well by just using a small portion of the screen at a time.

The edges of the silk were loose and I decided that I would go ahead and clean them up a little before I started any machine stitching. So I pulled the edges of the silk around to the back and hand stitched them down. The photo on the right shows what it looked like from the front after stitching the silk to the back.

Then I started machine stitching some of the leaves. I used several browns, several reds, orange and yellow thread. I didn’t stitch all the leaves because I wanted some of the leaves to look like they were more in the background. So they have less detail and less bright color to allow them to “fade back” and give more depth.

I then added dark olive and light olive green to give a little definition to the trunk and create a few roots.

And here’s the final piece entitled “From Tiny Acorns’. You click on the photo to enlarge it. I am happy with the result and I had better get started on finishing and framing some of these pieces so I don’t have to do that at the last moment. I am planning on these pieces being in an exhibition in August.


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