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Refelting and Redying

Refelting and Redying

I had a scarf and a wrap that where not selling and well where really not that great looking. Both had to much open space. The green one in particular. They were also not great colours. The pinky one is very coral and the wool was faded looking even though it was just the way it dyed. You can see the original wool on the top half of the picture it is much paler than the new dark wool on the bottom.

green scarf before pink scarf before

Originally the green one just had the  felt squares so I flipped it over and added  long winding strips in the same colour and with the same yarn.  Now there is texture and colour on both sides. On the pinky one I flipped it over and added a wiggly line between the ones that where already on the other side.

I don’t like the silk colour on the green one and I don’t like the silk or pale wool on the pinky one. They had to be redyed.  The pink one went into a pumpkin spice acid dye bath.

orange scarf in dye

the green one I didn’t want the wool to change colour so I  used MX dye. I soaked the scarf in water and PH up (soda ash) and then into  a darker green dye bath.  green scarf in the dye

This is the finished product.

orange scarf after dye green scarf after dye

The pinky one is a nice rich deep orange now and the green is more of an olive shade now that goes better with the wool.

When I took the orange one out of the dye bath there was still dye in the water so I put a piece of silk and some washed but not carded wool into the bath and this is what I got out.

orange exhaust bath dry orange exhaust bath scarf  dry

The wool and the silk were in the dye bath at the same time and for the same length of time. Silk really sucks up the dye, fast.

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