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A Trip to Visit a Felting Friend

A Trip to Visit a Felting Friend

This week I spent some time visiting my friend Maureen of Dreamspin Fibres.  It’s nice to felt with a friend.

I decided to make a project bag for a spindle, so long and thin. I used this lovely rust, terracotta and brown variegated wool.

wool for spindle bag

Here I am laying out the wool. I did 4 layers.

spindle bag laying out wool

After 3 layers I added some thick felt for some texture.

spindle bag laying texturespindle bag laying texture plus wool

Then some leaves in various colours of prefelt. One was a solid colour and 2 were multicoloured off cuts from some prefelt that Maureen dyed. I cut the handle and flap out of the top and cut the bottom off so I can make the bottom nice and flat. I will sew in another piece of matching felt.

spindle bag leaf embelishments spindle bag cut open

And here it is drying. I think it will make a great spindle bag.

finished bag

Next time I will have more pictures of what we made, but for now its late on Thursday night and it has been a long day with driving home so I am off to bed.


Project Bags and Tea Cozies

Project Bags and Tea Cozies

This last little while I have been making some project bags. I made a flat rectangular style using prefelt. I wrapped some prefelt around the resist. You can see I split the edges of the prefelt and cut one layer away so that the overlap would not be thicker than the rest of the bag.

overlaping prefelt ready to felt prefelt bag

Everything is prefelt except the stripes. They are an unknown wool roving I bought because I liked the colours. I put a stripe inside too so the bag will be reversible.  The finished pictures shows how you can use migration to your advantage. When I was about half way through fulling I cut a slit in each side for the handle. I healed the cut edges with some soap and finger rubbing. I stretched the hole upward to get the shape I wanted. I am pleased with how it turned out.

prefelt bag 1This side used dark green and white prefelt

prefelt bag 2This side used all black prefelt.

I also made 2 nice round bags with a built in strap. This pictues shows the bag with a balloon blown up inside it and the panty part of some panty hose stretch over it to hold it well while it is fulled to about the half way point. At that point it is nice and round and just needed to be shrunk more.

grenn bag on balloon

Once I was finished fulling it I rinsed it out and then blew another balloon up inside it to make sure it dried nice and round. I did a smaller blue one as well. Both were covered in one layer of silk hankie. The green one also had a silk hanky flower on it.

green bag dry blue bag dry

They need their closures. I haven’t decided what yet.

The other thing I made was a couple tea cozies. sorry for the picture quality but I couldn’t get it to show better despite trying several things on the camera and computer.


The cat needs some whiskers. The flower is a made with a silk hankie.



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