Yarn Bombing Our Hanging Pots

Yarn Bombing Our Hanging Pots

This post is going to be short and quick. It’s been a crazy couple weeks for us, and on top of that I am experiencing vertigo. Apparently a crystal in my inner ear, is floating around, where it’s not supposed to be. Eventually this crystal piece will move along, through the fluid in my middle ear, and out. Until then, I have to be careful of every movement of my head.

Today, I want to show you an idea, Brian came up with. We made a trip to Home Depot, the Friday before Mother’s Day, and my crystal incident. I wanted to get a nice potted plant for the inner courtyard at Mom’s Memory Care facility. I’ve never had good luck, at Home Depot in general, but this time we were pleasantly surprised. We found carts full of glorious colorful blooms, herb plants that were strong and healthy, and a couple varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Yay! Best of all, by the checkout, we saw a freestanding hanging plant stand, that would be perfect for hanging herbs off the ground and away from a curios canine. Brian created a perfect area for growing herbs, last year, when our puppy was very young. But, through the winter, Porter (at 75 lbs.) found my sage bushes, perfect for hiding lost tennis balls, and super comfy to lay on.

Double begonia flowers in bright orange and hot pink, herb plants, surrounding a bright white bucket.
Beautiful plants and herbs surrounding a very white bucket.

Home Depot displayed their plant stand, with plastic 2 gallon paint buckets, filled with gardening tools. I thought that idea was genius. Hanging pots are so expensive, and paint buckets are relatively cheap. My only problem, all that white overwhelmed everything. Brian came to the rescue with the suggestion “Why don’t you Yarn Bomb them.” That’s a great idea, Brian!”

white bucket, turned over, crochet covering it
This was my first attempt. Didn’t consider drainage holes leaking dirt all over my hand dyed yarn.
Man holding a decorated pot
I think they call this free form crochet! I started with super bulky yarn, a US-P size hook, and made up my own doily pattern.

We had to think a few minutes, about how to attach the crochet to the bucket. Suddenly I realized, “S” hooks would work, and we had some with our grid wall supplies. That worked for the first bucket, so I ordered more hooks from Amazon. They were on our porch the next afternoon. With my dizziness, I was only able to get 3 of the 4 finished.

This is how it looks so far.

We have some fun ideas in mind: like hanging a full recycled bottle of water from a hole in the rim of the buckets. That will tip the buckets, so the plants will grow as if they are pouring out. No matter what happens with this project, we’ve had a lot of fun, thinking outside the box. I hope you find some joy in your own crafting this week!


Update: Thank you everyone for your wellness wishes. Thankfully, the crystal issue is gone. I had been tested and diagnosed with low Vitamin D years ago: we live in Michigan, so that’s not surprising. I normally take extra Vitamin D every day, but recently a new doctor warned me I was taking too much! I lowered the dose…and had crystal issue within 4 months. (I’m not a doctor, so don’t trust the following information without consulting with your own physician.) There are thoughts by some in the medical field, that extra Vitamin D3 chemically binds with crystal chemical properties…and essentially moves them along. I’m not saying that happened for me, but coincidentally after returning to my original dose, it cleared up quickly. 🤔

13 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing Our Hanging Pots

  1. Sorry to hear about your crystal Capi – not very nice at all and we hope you soon get better.

    Your yarn bombing is a success! The white buckets would have been blinding without a bit of coverage and the idea of the water bottle to tip the buckets could work well. Is Porter laying there wondering how he can reach the buckets ?

    1. Bottle tipping idea didn’t work out as planned…due to weight issue. Porter was disappointed, the buckets were not going to be easy access, but he has since moved back to his favorite patch of discarded tree trimmings. His attention span has a short window!


  2. Great ideas Capi. Your yarn bombing idea (or rather Brian’s) was clever, though my first thought was what if the yarn gets wet and then goes mouldy? All that work possibly spoiled. If that happens you could replace it with crochet plastic yarn or string (or cut up polythene bags). Another way of using old plastic rather than sending it straight to landfill, and thumb your nose at the weather! And it won’t matter so much if the buckets dribble all over it.
    Porter does look as if he’s working something out in that lovely shady area.
    I hope that crystal gets out soon and you recover your balance.

    1. I took them off for a rainy week, and need get them back on…time flies and I get distracted. I never worry too much about things going wrong, but I will take your advisement in the future. Discarded waste is always a much better idea. I sadly have so much unsold hand dyed yarn, that using it to me is a form of recycling…and I get to enjoy my own work.

      I will say that we’ve used discarded wool in our gardening areas. I read it will break down over time, so these pot covers will eventually become worm food too.

  3. What an excellent idea Capi, it does look wonderful, and will complement the plants beautifully.
    I do hope your vertigo settles soon.

  4. Capi, those yarn bombed buckets look amazing! I love how colourful they are.

    Sorry to hear about your ear crystal – would a silver lining be that “I have a crystal in my ear” sounds a little fancy? 😀 (I joke – hope you feel better soon!)

  5. What a great way to hide the bright white of the buckets. wool is pretty tough stuff so I don’t suppose the wool will be much trouble unless it stretches and you have to get out there and felt them back to the right shape.
    Constant vertigo must be miserable, I hope the crystal has moved on.

  6. Love them Capi! They are fabulous.

    Not sure if Porter is of the same mind as I suspect he enjoys his perfumed garden bed. He’s looking very handsome by the way.

    Your hand dyed wool is gorgeous too. there will be a real wow factor in that corner of your garden when the plants mature.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Take good care of yourself.
    Helene x

  7. Love your plant stand and yarn bombed buckets. I had problems with the crystals in my ear causing dizziness at night as I was getting into bed. (This was going on for years.) My new chiropractor did some manipulations with me and that helped move the crystals along and I’ve been dizziness free ever since. So there is treatment out there to help you.

  8. Looks like you’ve had great fun conjuring up ideas and then going full speed into the execution with brilliant, happy, colourful results Capi.

    So pleased to hear your crystal problem has resolved itself.

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