A cushion cover

A cushion cover

I feel that you can never have too many cushion covers for cushions. They are such useful items of soft furnishings, and they can help brighten a room in no time.

My offering this month is a mixture of felt, thread and fabric waste, and free motion stitching to make a cushion cover. I wanted to give the impression of looking into a puddle with leaves floating on top.


This is the front and rear, before cushion cover making.


I used a variety of left over threads, pieces of felt, and fabric trimmings. I placed all of these on a piece of white fabric, and covered everything up with a piece of tulle. This was stitched down very securely, and it did begin to look as if it was a watery puddle.



I had some pieces of felt, left over from another project, and I cut some leaf shapes from this, and placed them over the stitched down tulle. I added some leaf veining as I arranged and stitched them down, in a fairly random placement on the surface.

I do think it turned out quite nicely. Then I had to choose some fabric to complete the cushion cover, in a colour to complement the orange leaves. I had found some purple fabric with a oil slick type pattern, in a charity shop last year, and as soon as I placed them side by side I knew it was a perfect match.


When I was in hospital, there was a good view of some trees from the window of my ward. This is a tree that I became fascinated with. I am still convinced that I can see Mr Mer sitting in the branches! Maybe it is just me!!







14 thoughts on “A cushion cover

  1. I love your cushion cover Marie! The background is perfect and you have captured leaves on a puddle very well. And yes, now that you say it, I can see Mr. Mer in the tree too. Perhaps he was sending you healing thoughts during your hospital stay. I hope you are all better now!

    1. Thank you Ruth, I am glad that you can see Mr Mer too!
      I am getting better, recovery seems much slower than last year, and I have finally accepted that recovery does take time.

  2. Love the cushion! The leaves are pretty – their placement makes them look as if they are floating on a puddle – and your charity shop fabric complements the leaves perfectly.
    You’ve made a textile treasure from just ‘leftovers’. 🙂

  3. Yep, he is there Marie. I can see him too!

    Your cushion cover is absolutely beautiful and a creative use of all those little bits and pieces of leftovers. Great idea to frame it with your charity shop find. Your final piece would look resplendent on any chair.

    I hope your strength is returning Marie and that you are feeling a little better every day.

  4. Very nice cushion, Marie! The complementary oranges and purples really make everything pop.

    I wonder what Mr. Mer was doing up a tree? Perhaps trying a new, less water-related, activity? 😀

    1. Thank you Leonor. I think of Mr Mer as a free spirit who visits various places from time to time to contemplate the life!

  5. A great representation of leaves floating in a puddle. Your pillow is lovely. I am afraid I will need some help to see Mr. Mer. I am glad you recovering well, if slowly.

    1. Thank you Ann. Mr Mer is in the middle of the photo, I had not decided which direction he was looking towards. I tried to mark the photo, but I seem to lack those techy skills.

  6. Loving your cushion Marie, the way you’ve built it up with layers has created a lot of depth and texture and you’ve achieved that puddle effect.
    As for the tree…..I found a sheep standing on its hind legs and a large face of a man wearing a cap, but no sign of Mr Mer!

  7. Marie, your cushion really does evoke leaves floating on water & the colours are beautifully vibrant….well chosen use of remnants!

    Mr Mer is right there….now I will be looking at every tree around here to see if he is visiting these parts too 🤪

    Wishing you a more speedy recovery.

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