Nuno felt samples

Nuno felt samples

This is my attempt to make a nuno felt sample with some added stitching. I had two small pieces cut from a silk scarf, left over from making a tassel for a hat, and I wanted to try nuno felting. I did take an online class (paper fabric lamination) some time ago, and that involved nuno felting, but this is the first time doing it on my own – so to speak.

I have quite a few lavender plants in the garden, each year I cut some for drying, and leave the rest for the bees. I do love lavender, and I wanted to attempt a stitched sample of some lavender flowers. This is my favourite lavender plant, unfortunately the flower spikes are ‘going over’ just now, but the bees are still busy and happy there.


The 2 pieces of silk measure 14 inches long each and 8 inches wide. I wanted to add some machine stitching to the finished samples, so I layered both sides with my selection of wool and hoped for the best! I used a selection of blue, grey, purple, and green wool. I was quite surprised by how such a small amount of wool was needed for both samples. I laid the fibre lengthways only, but unfortunately I did not make a make a good job of covering all the edges. Next time I will pay more attention to these areas.


The finished size was about 8 inches in length, and 6 inches across.

Both sides of each sample looked slightly different, and I took some time choosing the two I liked best to use for stitching my impression of lavender flowers. I used a straight stitch on one sample, and a zig zag on the other, with a straight stitch for the stems. I placed some tissue paper underneath for ease of movement under the needle.


I feel that the colour has not shown up quite so well as it does in real life, probably the phone camera’s fault. I like both samples, but I preferred using a straight stitch, I think it was easier to get the shape of the flower spikes that I wanted. The zig zag stitch is quicker, but it was not so easy for me to manipulate under the needle. Practice is key for me, and I did enjoy the process.

20 thoughts on “Nuno felt samples

  1. These are really good. I like both versions of the seed heads, although I think that the straight stitch ones are more realistic. Mind you I think if you mixed the two methods on the same piece the zigzag ones would probably look as if they were a bit further away, so that could work too.
    I love the colours you’ve used

  2. I love what you’ve done and would like to try a similar project. What type (chiffon? Habotai? etc.) of silk did you sue?

    1. Oh Karen…no idea really! The 2 pieces were from a narrow scarf that I no longer used, and I had used some pieces for another project. I don’t think it is silk chiffon, nor habotai either.
      Thank you for the kind words though.

  3. Your textile lavender is lovely Marie! Both versions are pretty but the straight stitch lavender heads are more striking and the bends in the stalks give great movement to the plant. 🙂

  4. Lovely results Marie and great use of a redundant scarf. I share your love for lavender- the bees are kept busy with it and it always reminds me of summer in France. If I were to pick a favourite it is the straight stitch one. I hope you are going to frame them.

  5. The pictures turned out great. I like the Other Ann’s idea of using both. on one. If I had to choose I like the straight stitch one better. I wonder how the zigzag would look in a darker thread that didn’t match the background as well. I am also wondering why you put the silk in the middle instead of on top for texture? I only do that when I need to to add strength to a picture. Or am I confused?

    1. Thank you Ann, you are right of course, I should have used a colour that did not match quite so well. I used tiny pieces of silk to add some shading to the green; I had very little green.

  6. Good morning, Marie!
    I woke up to your article, and it made me feel happiness. I was looking at lavender wreaths before bed last night, and your beautiful nuno felting work this morning. I am getting ready to move Mom, to a lovely Memory Care facility, this week. I’m excited to begin my new chapter, and try all these wonderful things: sewing machine techniques has to be on the list! Your piece is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Capi, that is really kind of you. I wish all good things for your Mum, and I hope that the move goes peacefully for you and your Mum.

  7. Marie, both pieces have turned out well & both look like lavender. Your colour choice was spot on & I too don’t mind the ‘raw’ edge look.

    I would agree with Ann above, that combining the two – with the straight stitch on top of the zigzag – would create an illusion of lavender not only in the foreground but also continuing into the back ground too….like looking into a field of lavender.
    For all us ‘lavenderphiles’ all we need now is the scent wafting from our screens….I’ll just have to run into my garden 🤪

    1. Thank you so much Antje, I think I will add some of the straight stitching to the zig zag sample, and in different colour thread. It has been quite magical watching the bees at all the lavender plants over the last few weeks, very peaceful watching their endeavours.

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