Working on more Ocean

Working on more Ocean

I am still enjoying working with my water-themed bat to create ocean pictures. I finished the one that I was working on last time. I added some birds I mixed light grey and some white with so the seagulls wouldn’t look too bright. the 2 smaller ones looked ok but I tried to add black tips to the larger one’s wing tips and after some fiddling, and then more fiddling it ended up looking like a demented bat ( no picture of it at its worst) so I removed it and tried again.  All the birds are going left. maybe into the wind? I tried to make the larger one go right just to be different but it started going left. I pulled it off and flipped it over and by the time I tacked it down properly, it was going left again. But at least it doesn’t look like a demented batt.

On its way to being a demented bat

And a sailboat. Not the best boat but one of those little dingy boats with only one sale.

It was kind of boring so I added a red flag and 2 stripes for the sale and boat.

Better but I added another strip and I like it much better. I guess the rule of three works.


Then I decided I wanted to use some of the sparkly section. and started this one. I started it on my standard needle felting pad a foam kneeling pad. then my tendentious reminded me why I don’t use 6 needles at once and why I don’t do a lot of needle felting. Normally  I would lightly tack these down and wet felt them. Jan gave me a small wool felting pad last Monday and I didn’t have time to try it properly so I tried it here. Wow, what a difference in how jarring the jabbing is. I also took apart my tool and removed 3 of the needles. I’ve ordered one of the 10×10 pads. I have this one to this stage. All well felted down but not sure what to put in the picture to give more visual interest. Maybe some whale tails? Rocks? a bluff and some birds? Sorry to say I didn’t take any in-progress pictures of this. Though adding the blue sky looks pretty much the same on all of them.

I fiddled with this a bit to try to show you how much sparkle there is. I used a flash and then turned down the brightness. Turning down the brightness was counterintuitive.

Now I started another but that’s my next blog post.


8 thoughts on “Working on more Ocean

  1. The black tips on the seagull’s wings looked good! The red stripes do suit the boat and the whole picture is ‘alive’. Really like how you’ve done the sea.
    Looking forward to seeing what you add to the sparkle picture.

    1. thanks Lyn. yes the seagull was OK at this point but I wasn’t quite happy so I kept fiddling and it got worse. it was a very uncooperative seagull. I wanted hem to fly to the right. but he was going left so I pulled him off and flipped him over and by the time I was done reattaching him he was going left again. Must have been the wind.

  2. Isn’t it amazing what a difference changing the brightness makes to the picture? It completely changes it. On your last picture, the sparkles really show up, but the white on the lower left hand side and the bottom looks more “sandy” as if it’s part of the beach.
    As for adding to it, how about a school of dolphins jumping up – or a flock of seagulls – or yachts racing – or all of the above? It could be really busy, or just quietly calm with only the birds. That’s probably no help at all but you did ask.

    1. Thanks Ann, the first picture is more the true colour but will all the sparkle showing. It’s funny how the sparkle disappeared in the picture. I was expecting a lot of bounce back from the sparkle. Dolphins may work. I am not sure yet. It can be hard to decide.

  3. I had to laugh at the demented bat. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see a picture of that 🙂 I think a whale tail would be a nice addition to the second one.

  4. Very cute pictures, Ann. I like Ruth’s whale or Ann’s dolphin idea for the second one. Or even a school of flying fish.

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