Some inspiration for the second quarter challenge.

Some inspiration for the second quarter challenge.

As most everything I have for felting is packed in boxes at the moment, I thought I would share some of the pictures I’ve taken around the farm for inspiration for the second quarter challenge. Usually, I take landscape-type pictures, most often with sheep in them or pictures of flowers, fungus or moss. I tried to be less organic this time.

These are parts of a rusty trailer. the first three are the fenders and the next ones are the decking. I particularly like the rusty bits.

These are some chairs we have the plastic ones had blown over in the wind and the undersides were quite interesting and dirty. How do they get so dirty underneath?


This is a stack of metal chairs waiting for warm weather.

Here are a few more metal bits I found around on a walk with the dog.

The bottom of my daughter’s canoe was good for a couple of pictures, an old label and scratched-up paint.

Many years ago we had a fenced yard. There is one small bit left that is slowly going back to nature.


A fence post in the field


And I couldn’t resist some moss and a cool rotting log.

Hopefully, I have inspired you to take some different pictures and not made you nod off. You can use one of these for inspiration if one catches your eye. We would love to see it. you can share your inspiration and your finished work in our gallery by using this form.


9 thoughts on “Some inspiration for the second quarter challenge.

  1. Looking at stuff around you with a different perspective is really interesting.

    Thinking about it Ann, you often do the second quarter challenge because what do you see when you leave your door? Would that be sheep and landscape? 🙂

    1. It is fun to look for things you wouldn’t normally look at. And yes, sometimes they are right outside the door where they are not supposed to be. They like to look for fallen apples.

  2. Some interesting perspectives Ann, it’s surprising what is around us if we only look.

  3. I love these Ann! Such great textures and color. I think the bottom of the canoe is my favorite. I can see creating that effect with lines of stitch.

  4. Great post Ann. We have just broken a wooden garden chair (it was rotten and had nothing to do with the weight of the person sitting on it!!). I must turn it over and see if my poor husband has done me a favour. 🙂

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