Vessel on a ball class, study group and getting ready to move.

Vessel on a ball class, study group and getting ready to move.

I swapped with Ruth today. She will be posting in a couple of days.

I was supposed to have a workshop a few weeks ago and Mother nature interfered. We had freezing rain and lots of Ice so we had to cancel. We have rescheduled Felted Vessel on a Ball to January. We hope that will work out. But I have a feeling that Omecon will delay it again. Two steps forward and one back. I suppose we will get there eventually.

This is the sample pot I made for the class. It has lots of different things going on just to show how different things look. Everyone will create a small flat sample to do some practice cutting.

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It looks much cooler with a light in it.




Meanwhile, I have an online zoom study group starting on Jan 12 and that should go ahead, Covid or not. It’s a wet felt breed sampling study group and it should be lots of fun. It runs every 2 weeks until March. If you’re interested there are still a few places left. The times listed are for North American eastern standard time. I think the time makes it the late morning the next day in Australia.



Hopefully, by spring I will have a new studio space. I started boxing things and moving things into storage space. Why do you have to make a bigger mess to sort things out in an orderly fashion? Don’t get me wrong, I am a naturally messy person and it wasn’t neat before. But this was bad even for me.  I had been shoving and piling to make room for baking this summer. And things that do not belong there had also been added. We had already removed several boxes from the right side at this point.

We are making progress and I have thrown out a few things and sold a polt of silk I won’t use so that was good. We are making progress. The green chair below and the stuff on it ( and more I added ) are next out the door. I think I need a few more clear bins.

16 thoughts on “Vessel on a ball class, study group and getting ready to move.

  1. That’s a huge space Ann and it will be wonderful when it’s organised as your studio.

    You’ve managed to squeeze a lot of ideas onto the one pot, but that’s a great example to use for your class.

    Thank goodness for Zoom – at least you have one project unaffected by Covid!

    1. Thanks Lyn, the big carder is going to be in a different room giving me space for another big table and maybe a couple of small ones.
      I am very thankful for Zoom. It has really helped keep everyone from far and wide in touch.

  2. I hope you get your vessel on a ball class going soon: it looks like there will be a lot of learning.

    Your space looks fantastic but I agree that the bigger the space the more opportunity there is for shoving things in disorganised piles and letting overspill from elsewhere and orphan items find their way in. Do post photos when your space is manageable – like you I can’t aim for pristine, just manageable.

    1. We decided to move it to mid February. The are bringing in new lock down measures every few days so I am sure they would stop the class and I didn’t want to do it in a rush.

      Yes over spill has definitely happened. And I am very bad at thinking I will put that away properly later. later never comes. It will be properly neat and tidy once and I will take a picture to prove it. After that as long as I can find what I need I am good.

  3. I know what you mean, Ann. Whenever I get started organizing, I make a huge mess. We are currently doing it again. My shop area is currently on our first floor, with all our bedrooms on the 2nd. My mother has dementia and needs to move downstairs. So we are slowly making necessary changes. Plus, I am getting a long awaited Bernese Mountain puppy! (Good opportunities for fiber…lol)

    1. Moving is always a chore. A new puppy how wonderful. and the undercoat should be very usable. our puppy is one year old this month, so much energy. I am sorry to hear about your mom. Having her downstairs should help.

  4. I hope that you can reschedule your class Ann. It looks like an interesting class. I sympathize with your studio disarray, it just seems to happen and cleaning it up always seems to take a long, long time. I look forward to seeing how the new space works for you.

    1. We rescheduled to February. Just to be safe. we all crossed our fingers when we picked the date. Cleaning and sorting always seems to take twice as long as you think it will.

  5. You are so right about having to make more mess before getting straight Ann. I’ve spent most of today trying to sort out my worksroom because I felt like I was drowning in ‘stuff’!
    I really hope your bowl workshop goes ahead this month, there are lots of interesting surface treatments for your students to have fun with.

    1. I am good at making a mess. They say go with your strengths. The class should be fun when we finally get to do it. They are locking us down again so we bumped the class to February. hopefully that will work. we will do it eventually.

  6. I was just at the store today looking at plastic bins to try to work on cleaning up my studio. Your studio space looks like it will be wonderful! Darn COVID.

  7. Hello Ann,
    I have signed up for your class starting on 12 Jan. I hope the class will be recorded, so that I can watch later on, and then catch up with the group before the end. Sadly, my husband died just before Christmas, and his funeral is on 12 January, our son and daughter, and their children are needing my support just now.
    I had forgotten that I had this class booked, and only remembered just now when I read your post. The last 2 weeks seem as if it been months since 21 December.

    1. Oh my, my condolences to you all, for your loss. I am going to record the class so that’s not a problem . I will be sending out a email the the study group very soon.

  8. NOt the comfy reading chair!!! i love the look of the Lexvik shelves i hope you have more of them! they are great for disply and books but not as good at storeing wool. where is your sheep collection?? (not the self-propelled ones in the barn)

    i am looking forword to seeing your new space and hope to be helpfull in some way ….maybe not carrying but i can push things on the walker!!! Congratulations on the upcomeing new space. (yours space is neeter than mine since i have to move wool to remove the old work stuff so i can put wool there)

    1. The green “comfy” chair is deceptive, you think your sitting but it just sinks down another 6 inches. It will be looking for a new home I think. The big shelf with most of my wool will be the last to go and not for a while. I making room for things that are in the new space to go so theirs room to work on the new space. It will take time. But we will get there eventually.

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