Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

Well it’s definitely that time of  the year, when are lot of us are all getting into the holiday spirit.   I’ve been making some needle felted gnomes and Santas, which have proved quite popular.  As I was making five Santas for my cousin Debbie, I thought I would share them with you.  Alex and I got into the Christmas spirit last year with Alex’s wet-felted Santa stocking so we thought it would be good to keep up the Santa tradition!


They are quite easy to make, but a word of warning….  KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!  To say I’ve had a few disasters would be an understatement.  Twice Elliot has managed somehow to get his paws on them and he managed to completely destroy one Santa and had me running around trying to catch the marauding feline, as he darted under the sofas, tables and anything else he could see in a bid to keep hold of his spoils.  To see him speeding through the house with a gnome in his jaws, looking like he’d caught the prize mouse was quite a sight.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t already provided him with a range of felted mice to keep him entertained in the hopes he would leave my felting projects alone!! But unfortunately, one poor Santa has been completely stripped bare of his beautiful red coat and his beard, not to mention the state on the rest of him!  I still can’t believe this Ninja cat managed to get his paws on them, considering they were in a sealed bag, up on top of the highest of my stacked felt supply plastic boxes, literally 9″ from my ceiling!!  At this rate, I’m going to have to put them in a padlocked box!

I just had to share this….

RIP Santa!

And here is the culprit…..

You may recognise his mug shot from his last felting crime!


Anyway, back to the main topic for discussion, the needle felted Santa!  I used some off-white core wool to make the body.  It’s very narrow as you can see, so I had to roll it very tightly to make the body,  For the life of me I can’t remember what wool it is I’m sorry, other that to remember it was a batch of core wool I bought last year.  But it works really well for this kind of project, and it felts quite nicely into quite a firm ‘body’.

  Core Wool

Santa’s body

I made the body about 5 1/2″ long – but you can make them as big or small as you like.  I don’t tend to weigh the wool as I just ‘go with the flow’ but I would suggest that if you have to make a batch that are all the same size, you would need to be more precise with the quantities you use.   I like to firm up the underneath/bottom of the body, so that he will stand up on his own.  We can’t have Santa looking like he’s had one to many Sherries can we!!

Once I have the body made, I start on the hat.  I like to be quite ‘freehand’ with the hats as well as the coats!  Again I haven’t weighed anything, I just like to guess my way through the process.  I find that because I have such a busy life, it’s nice sometimes not to worry about being precise about things (as you can see!)  The great  thing I have found about needle felting, is that it is easy to add extra wool when you haven’t put enough or when you find a thin spot!


I literally just lay out a piece of wool batt roughly the size to fit around his head!  Then I get started felting!

I like to use a multi tool, as it felts quite quickly.

Then I start to wrap the wool around Santa’s head..

As you can see, there is a little white poking through, but this didn’t matter as I was able to fold the wool down over that part of his head, to make the tip of the hat.  I continued needle felting it into a rough shape that resembles a lop-sided bobble hat.

Here I’m starting to felt the tip of the hat into shape…

Once I’m happy with the shape of the hat, I felt it so the tip drapes down the side of the hat.  That way, I can attach a nice bobble on the bottom, using a small ball of the core wool again.  (I forgot to take a photo of me doing this bit!)


The next step is to give him a nose.  I use the same process as for the bobble, using skin coloured wool batt, and folding it tightly upon itself, to form a tubular ball.  I needle felt it until it holds its shape, before attaching it to Santa.

It’s quite a large nose!

To attach it, I like to poke through where the nostrils would be – that way, you can get it securely attached and create nostrils at the same time!

The last step is to make his cloak.  Like the hat, I was very laid back about the whole process, so didn’t weigh the wool and guesstimated the amount I’d need (not helpful I know but sometimes it’s so nice just to play with the wool and let it find its course!)



  Apologies for the blurry image!

As you can see, I felt away until I have a rough size that will wrap around Santa’s body.

The next step is to firm up the bottom of the cloak, wrap it around Santa and start giving his cloak a fur trim (enter the core wool again, which is great for this!)….


As you can see, I start the fur trim before I wrap the cloak fully around him – it’s easier to tuck in the loose ends of wool that way.

  I work the trim all the way around the cloak, and finally add trim around his hat.  It’s important not to ‘over-felt’ the trim, because you want it to look like fur rather than felt.


The final step is to attach his beard.  For this I’ve used some lovely off-white locks.  They look great as a beard.  I attached them by needle-felting them in underneath his snout! That way, they can be firmly attached but still free-flowing.

We hope you like our Santa…

Merry Christmas to you all, may you be blessed with a a wonderful, happy and healthy 2022.

Best wishes, from Lisa, Alex and our Christmas friends xxx

P.S. The gnomes are just as easy to make, using the same method as for Santa!



19 thoughts on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

  1. What lovely santas! They look good on your shelf and your pretty tree. Thank you for sharing the making.

    Just wondering … how do you keep Elliot off the shelf and the tree??

    1. I can’t! I put one Santa hidden in amongst the Christmas garland yesterday and within an hour he had spotted it, and I spent 20 minutes chasing him around the house in order to rescue it before he completely destroyed it! So I’ve now had to put it on top of my plate rail, above a door so he has no way of reaching it (I hope!)

  2. It’s Christmas 🎄 and you’ve had a bit of naughty (🐈‍⬛) so let’s hope the rest of your season is full of nice! 🎅🏼 🤶


  3. I love your Santa Claus too, but I really do love your Ninja cat most of all. A lovely read. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Marie, I love him too, which is a good thing!! He is a real character I have to say!

  4. What a picture you painted of you chasing Elliot around the house trying to rescue that santa. It made me giggle – a nice start to a Sunday morning.
    The Santas are really great, I’m sure Debbie will love hers. I love the gnomes too, they are so cute.
    You’ve given me another idea of making things to sell in our Museum shop. With the limited colour palette I can take just what I need for the “makes” to work while I’m looking after the shop – we don’t get all that many visitors on a Monday morning.
    I hope you, Alex and the cats have a great Christmas.


    1. Thank you Ann, I’m so glad it brightened your day. It must have looked hilarious!

      Please post a photo of your festive friends when you make them, I’d love to see them 😊 You have a lovely Christmas too 🎅🎄

  5. Lisa, I’m in fits of laughter here at your darling cat burglar. Now I know why I have dogs. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his feline mouth.

    Love your instructions! they are so clear and easy to follow. Santa is indeed a handsome fellow! Do you have him alarmed? Or have you put Elliot on a leash?

    Happy Christmas to both yourself and Alex. I hope he is keeping well.

  6. Thank you so much Helene, and I’m glad it made you chuckle. Let’s just say that Santa, gnome and felted tree are now in a totally inaccessible place and the said marauding feline is banished from the room unless under close supervision (much to his great annoyance 😂).

    Alex is well and looking forward to coming home for Christmas! Merry Christmas from us both to you and your family 🎄🎅🎄

  7. What cute Santas! I bet they’ll be very popular. As for Elliot, I’m sure he’s perfectly innocent – cats are never, every up to any mischief, or so my own felines tell me 😉

    (I need to say, though, I have two furry statistical anomalies at home, neither cares for wool! Shall I ask them to have a chat with your little fibre burglar and set him on the straight and narrow?)

    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    1. Oh Leonor, if only your felines could give Elliot a good talking to and he would listen, it would be a miracle! He makes it blatantly obvious by his depths to evade capture, that he already knows he is guilty of atrocious misdemeanors! But I do love him all the same! The strange thing, is that I thought I would have more trouble with the youngest 6-month old feline, but she is a saint in comparison 👼🎅😂

  8. My first thought was “so glad I’ve got a dog”! My second thought was “you must get this on video Lisa….you would go viral for Christmas”!! I’m sure if Tracy Emmin could become famous with her Unmade Bed you could do the same with Elliots “Unmade Santa”!
    Wishing you and Alex all the best for Christmas and here’s hoping the remaining Santas/Gnomes survive the celebrations!

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