Throw back Thursday Christmas Tree.

Throw back Thursday Christmas Tree.

There is a throwback Thursday post for you. These are the Christmas trees I made in 2014. This is my last week of crazy baking for the Christmas Farmers’ Market. I hope to have something new for my next post.

We have been trying to decide where we can put our Christmas tree this year. Even if we use only half of it and put it on a table it is still too big to put anywhere. So time to make one that will fit on the small table available.

I carded several greens together

green wool green wool blended

Then I made a template. It is 4 feet tall, the width of the table. I had a really hard time getting a picture of it. I made a smaller one too about 2 feet tall.

tree layout

This is rubbing on the plastic cover.

tree rubbing

Then it was roll and roll and roll some more. I kneaded and dropped and threw and heated it and did it some more. This is the shrinkage on the smaller one. The tip I made solid out past the tip of the template.

small tree shrinkage

While I was making the trees I was trying to figure out what I would use as a structure for the inside. For the smaller one, I was thinking a countertop paper towel holder would work. It was too short but while at the dollar store I saw a tinsel tree on a frame. I bought it and removed the tinsel garland that was wrapped around it. It was a little too tall but a son with some bolt cutters fixed that.

small tree on stand

It looks like a green witch’s hat. For the large one, I ended up using an upside-down tomato cage. The tree looks like a Whoville tree. I ran out of light to take a picture of the big one so you will have to wait for my next blog post to see it. It will be decorated by then too. What have you used for a tree?

Here is a link to the post with the finished trees, I hope you like them.

Happy Turkey Day to all our American readers

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9 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday Christmas Tree.

  1. That’s quite a felting feat to make the big one! And they both look pretty.

    The advantages of felt over real is that you don’t get a heap of needles all over the floor and you can fold it away quite easily!

  2. Brilliant, I love your trees; the tall one must have taken some rolling. Wonderful to have these ideas for Christmas trees. Thanks.

  3. Love the trees Ann! You supersized the biggest one – fair dues. I read your earlier piece about decorating it that’s a heck of a lot of sewing but it looked amazing.

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