Some Lantern Covers

Some Lantern Covers

A while ago on Facebook someone posted they had made felt covers for lanterns. they had ordered a workshop in a box with everything in it but I like to figure things out myself. They didn’t look too hard to do. I think someone here might have done something similar here too but I don’t remember properly.

I started out thinking I wanted a clear plastic cylinder to use as the base. I couldn’t find anything, except, of course, I could find them with other things inside them. But then I went to the dollar store and found a tall glass vase for only $4. Available trumps ideal every time.

I started out working out the size.

then I made a resist to those numbers and one that was taller.


For the tall one, I was going for a landscape feel, grass, sand, water, sky. The layout is very thin so later the light will show well.


The second one was my granddaughter, Autumn’s choices of colour and sparkle.


The felting was easy and fast as there wasn’t much wool involved.

Here is Autumn’s cover

And with a string of battery-operated LED lights inside.

This is mine. The darker blue of the deeper ocean looks very green now. I think the scrunching of the water area adds some interest for when it doesn’t have the lights on.


And with the lights inside

Although they both look interesting with the lit up even in the daytime.


There are lots of interesting things you could do by adding a hidden design that only shows up when lit. You could create a scene on the outside and hide things inside that change the scene when lit. I wonder if you could write a message that would show up when lit. that would be a challenge.  I would like to try a thicker cover and see how it works with the lights. I may work this into a short workshop. A fun afternoon or evening making lantern covers.

21 thoughts on “Some Lantern Covers

  1. That’s really interesting Ann. I could sit and look at the lit up versions for ages, seeing the shapes that appear in the fibres where they have felted. I also think that the scrunched up bit is equally interesting with the light on as with it off. I think you’ve got yourself another rabbit hole there with all your “what if” ponderings. Don’t forget to tell us about your variations when you’ve done them.

    1. Yes I am quite happy with them both and can see they could start to accumulate. But first I need to find some time. Do You have some you could lend me?

  2. They’re beautiful Ann – lovely colour combos and the sparkle on your grand-daughter’s choice is so pretty! The scrunching adds a lot of interest whether lit or not.

    Thinking ahead, if you made lots of them you could decorate your living room for cosy winter evenings …and you could make Christmas themed ones and ……. the list is endless isn’t it?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your lights when you explore the ‘what-ifs’.

    You remembered correctly – Annie made one and added machine embroidery – the photo is at the end of this post

    1. Thanks Lyn, I know I had seen them. someone will skill could probably machine stitch on the tubes too.
      It would be a great way do decorate for the different seasons.

  3. I love these, Anne – my favorite is the one with the earth tones at the bottom I think I see the making of one of these (at least one) in my near future – with some embroidery, as you suggested! Thank you for sharing your work. I think it would make a great workshop – wish I were still in Ottawa!!

  4. How did you attach it to the glass. Using glue makes a mess. Sewing makes a seam. What was your method??

  5. These are great Ann! I love the scrunching as it definitely adds dimension and texture as well as the changes it makes when lit. Adding light into the equation makes the experimenting even more fun. I think people would enjoy a class learning how to make these.

  6. You have really hit on something here Ann. The diffused lighting through the felt is magical and I love the impact the scrunching has on the lantern. This will make a super workshop. Just thinking that the glass lantern centres could be replaced with straight up plastic soda bottles too as away of recycling them (top cut off).

    1. Thanks, I can see more of these in my future. What a great idea for centres. I was wracking my brain thinking there should be something and it was so obvious.

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