My 2nd Quarter Challenge is Progressing

My 2nd Quarter Challenge is Progressing

I’ve been working on the stitching for my basket organizer.  The first part I did was the waves. I liked them but I didn’t like how the edges were fuzzy.


I went looking in my stash for the right size yarn to edge it. I found my stash of Briggs and Little Sport singles. I picked up several colours cheap from a weaver who had finished a project.  I picked black to outline the waves.


I used the outline stitch. I used the tutorial in this great stitch dictionary.

You can see how the wool yarn is raised adding texture as well as definition. I enjoyed following the curves with my stitching. more fun than straight lines. I only

And finished. I like it much better the black outline really makes the waves pop.

Next was the rectangles on the flap at the front bottom.  I used some red this time.

At first, I thought I would do a Fly stitch up the middle of each one.  My stitching was really uneven. I didn’t like it, so out it came.

I decided to put two lines up the rectangle. the stitching isn’t fabulous because I had no line to follow. the only thing I had to mark it was chalk. I did try it to see how it would brush out and it was really hard to get off the felt it wanted to move further into the felt rather than come off.

And after I cut off all the tails.

So far so good. I have a plan for the last part of the decorating. It will need lines for me to follow so I will have to wait for the heat erase marking pens I ordered. After that is the really hard part……….. the finishing.

9 thoughts on “My 2nd Quarter Challenge is Progressing

  1. The difference outlining the waves has made is amazing! Great idea.
    Your choice of stitch for the red is just right – the fly stitch didn’t sit well but the lines are perfect for the job.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do when your marking pen arrives.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I am really pleased with the waves. The lines are OK but I wouldn’t wouldn’t write home about them. LOL I hope the next part will be a little more visually interesting.

  2. Looking good Ann, I think both sets of stitching are fine. I always like hand stitching because you can see the imperfect lines and the “hand” of the stitcher. You are mark making and creating your own voice, so embrace the imperfections!

  3. Ann, the waves have such great depth & definition now.

    I feel your angst with the fly stitches but agree with Ruth, that had you stitched all the rectangles the ‘imperfections’ (as you see them) would have become a ‘whole’ unifying design. My only concern would have been whether to randomly change the direction.

    As it stands the red lines are great – adding to the pattern without dominating.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  4. Really enjoy watching the evolution of your projects. Any changes or modifications are so subjective. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you are pleased with the result then this is the right result. But the Japanese cherish the imperfections of the handmade, I like that.

    1. Thanks Bernadette. I know, if you want it to look machine made then go buy it at the store. Perfection isn’t the point. But still we try. I am happy with it after a couple of days. It’s always best not to look at it for a couple of days.

  5. So validating to ee/read poeple’s process. I have just finished a bag from felt that ‘went wrong’ , very much a make it up as I go along kind of project! If I manage to work out how to send pictures I will make a post………but thank-you for posting this, I look forward to seeing the finsihed item.

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