Second Quarter Challenge Part 1

Second Quarter Challenge Part 1

The second quarter challenge is to be inspired by the 1920’s and I decided to look at some art deco designs for inspiration. What I noticed most was repeating patterns, many with floral themes. During this research time, I was also inspired by a recent post by Ildi K. and thought I might want to give her technique a try. So why not combine these ideas into one project? Then I remembered that I had already done some design work based on Montana wildflowers in my Level 3 Art and Design class. Maybe I could use some of those floral designs and create my own “art deco” pattern?

This is a Mariposa lily. It blooms in June or July here.

These are some quick sketches using that flower shape but creating a simplified design that was more abstract.

I used the final design in several ways on paper. I could have just used one of these as my final design but I had noticed that many art deco repeat patterns were in squares or triangles. I thought perhaps I could fit the flower portion of the design into a triangle.

So on graph paper, I created a triangle pattern and fit the flower into it. What a jumbled mess! Obviously, I don’t create repeating patterns much. It’s way too busy for me. But perhaps if the triangle lines were more visible?

So I darkened the lines of the triangle and I liked this better. I think it would be better with a blank triangle in between the floral design but I left it as it was.

Now if I was going to do this in felt, I needed to enlarge the design. So I expanded it by 200% on my copy machine and then just used one portion of the design. Next up was to figure out a color scheme and see if I had the correct materials on hand. I thought I had some unspun yarn in my stash but I was wrong. I felt that would work best for the outlines so I have to order some before I can get started on the felting portion of this challenge.

Have you created something based on the Roaring Twenties? We’d love to see it over on the forum.

10 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge Part 1

  1. Love the pattern and the route you took to get it! There are so many possibilities with the design. It’s great on its own as a framed piece, and it would be so easy to use in stitched or felted 3D designs.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I’m not the best at abstracting a design from a photo but this exercise was done to try and improve simplifying and creating my own abstract flower. It would be fun to try using the design with free motion stitching. I may have to try that.

  2. I echo Lyn’s comments – I love the thinking/design process you’ve followed.

    Like you, I prefer the design with the bold outline triangles to take-down the ‘busyness’. The design is so strong you could also increase the width of the solid colour area too without detriment. It all depends on what shape your final piece will be.

    Looking forward to seeing how you apply Ilde’s technique.

    1. Thanks Antje! I definitely think that next time, I would increase the width/size of the solid color area to decrease the busyness of the design. It could use more negative space. But it was a fun process to develop the design.

  3. What a great design and a lovely project. I am fascinated by how many variations you got from the initial shapes – given me lots of ideas! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Nancy, I’m glad that I gave you lots of ideas. Creating your own abstracted designs from photos takes work but the resulting journey is a lot of fun.

  4. Wow. it will be wonderful. Lots the art deco patterns were quite busy. I think the bold lines make it more pleasant to look at without taking away form the pattern. Without the lines it was a bit dizzying. I am looking forward to seeing it with the colours added.

    1. Thanks Ann! Yes, the art deco patterns are definitely pretty busy so that’s why I went ahead with what I had. The design definitely improved with the bold, dark lines. Next week’s post will show color and felting.

  5. It’s interesting to see how you worked this through. The final image could work well as a three dimensional piece….it makes me think of a box lid. I need to get into gear and work out what I’m going to make!

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