Getting organized and the 2nd quarter challenge

Getting organized and the 2nd quarter challenge

This last week I decided the scarf I use to line my basket needed a wash and my basket could use a hose down. It is quite an old apple and is pretty dry. The basket masters say either dunk it in a bucket of water or hose it down every once and a while.  It is an old apple picking basket and I love it for taking it everywhere with my stuff in it.


And this is all the stuff that was in it and will go back in it plus the 3 more spindles. It’s like a purse or backpack you just keep adding more stuff until you have to clean it out.  The bag of yarn may go to the studio and a new one started.

There was more in it, that is just what is going back in it. You can see why I need it more organized. I thought I would make a roll-up pouch, like an artist uses for brushes. This also gives me an opportunity to do the 2nd quarter challenge. Art deco was often a repeating simple pattern. So I can do that on this piece and maybe be the first to complete the challenge. (insert maniacal laughter here)

I had to figure out how big I wanted the finished piece. the blue roller mat is 12×18 inches so I tried folding it like the finished piece. This is too short but  think the length is good

Here is the layout.  this layer is on the bottom but will end up inside the pouch. Some Bambino wool from World of wool. It is quite shiny. I can’t figure out which one. The picture of the mixed bag is pretty accurate but I can’t match it to the individual pictures.

The blue background seems to have turned it orange.

I then added 2 layers of white merino and a final layer of this lovely blue-green merino called Malard, for the outside.


I wet this down and cut out some prefelt pieces for the decorations but that’s it for today because it’s time to take the puppy out, feed the lambs again and make some raspberry scones. More to come. I hope I can get more done tomorrow morning. I will show you more next time.


16 thoughts on “Getting organized and the 2nd quarter challenge

  1. Love your basket Ann. It appears to be more than a beloved carrying tool – looking at some of its contents I would consider it more of a Tardis (ref Dr Who) love your prefelt wool choice. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. You are right it is a bit of a Tardis. Funny, when I was younger I had a button that said Have Tardis, Will Travel. I guess I had to make my own. I am always amazed at what I can get into it.

  2. Lovely basket, I never heard of wetting a basket down. Does it keep the basket from deteriorating as much? You are way ahead of me in the second quarter challenge for sure 👌

    1. Yes, baskets tend to get to dry. I am not sure I wet it enough but we will see. it is a very old basket gut really sturdy. Its only luck that I am ahead. I had been wondering how to decorate the pouch and art deco seems a good idea.

  3. I wonder if you oil it – like oiling teak furniture? – that might help to keep it in good condition. I’ve some wooden bowls, teak I think, one of which has a crack in it. The crack appears when the wood dries but disappears again when I oil it. I use Olive oil ‘cos I use the bowl for fruit or nuts, but teak oil will probably do your Tardis, although olive is probably cheaper.

    1. I hadn’t really thought of oil, it is an interesting idea. I wonder if I could spay it on . It would be hard to rub in with all the overlapping slats.

  4. i dont think i have ever seen your basket empty! i have seen it very full. will you be holding your spindles as well as pens and sketch book in your tool pouch? i hope we will have a library day and i can get to see it in person!

    1. Poor basket is naked. Pens, pencils, scissors, hair sticks etc . It’s not big enough for my sketch book. A sketch book cover is another good idea. I hope we get our library day on Saturday.

  5. The basket is lovely and you should call it ‘Tardis’ !

    The photo of the tops is eye candy for sure. I think you will be first to complete the second quarter challenge – looking forward to seeing your roll up pouch.

  6. Love ‘Tardis’ – your vintage apple basket.

    I have some old wicker baskets that were mis-shapen so I soaked them in the bath for a couple of days, drained them, then set them up with trays & heavy weights to dry out (took days!), before wiping over the surface with some oil to reinstate a bit of sheen….worked a treat. From my understanding old gardeners used to do a similar soaking for wooden handled tools if they were getting loose in the ironwork….strange but I never thought of doing it for wooden baskets!

    Looking forward to seeing the colours emerging from your prefelt in your design & a new lease of life for Tardis.

    1. it does make sense really doesn’t it. the opposite of dry is wet, not oil and it was likely soaked so the would could be bent. I may give it a spray of olive oil. If I want it finished for my next post I am going to have to dig out my sewing machine.

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