Holiday Decorations – Fourth Quarter Challenge

Holiday Decorations – Fourth Quarter Challenge

I have been thinking about what holiday decorations that I wanted to make for the Fourth Quarter Challenge. I wanted to do something simple and decided to try creating an ornament with prefelt. I don’t usually use prefelt in creating my designs so I thought I would give it a try. I decided on a snowman design.

I had commercial prefelt in white and black but none in red. So I created a piece of red prefelt as the first step from mixed 56’s hand dyed fiber.

Next I needed a circle of red prefelt from the background. I wanted my finished ornament to be around 5″ diameter so I used this approximately 7″ container to cut around. I used a craft blade and essentially just scored around the container and then finished cutting the circle out with scissors.

I had enough red prefelt for 7 circles. I hadn’t really planned on making multiples but what the heck, I might else well make more, right?

Next I cut out two circles in white prefelt, two black hat shapes and a black circle to go behind the red circle. I decided that my red prefelt wasn’t going to be heavy enough with just one layer. I used black instead of white because I like a deeper red better than I like a pink. I didn’t have enough red prefelt for two layers. Now on to felting.

I had hoped with two layers of white prefelt that I wouldn’t get a lot of fiber migration. No such luck. I did shave a bit off the surface of the white so it wouldn’t look so hairy and that helped. I only felted this one just to see how it would come out. Next time, I think I will cover with a light plastic to try and prevent any movement of red and black fibers into the white. This one was rubbed with my hand so I think that I got a bit of movement of fiber as well as migration through.

Now on to more decoration. I stitched a small piece of sari ribbon on to the hat for a band. The sari ribbon adds a bit of shine. Then I hand stitched the facial features. Now I have to decide if the ornament needs further backing, if it needs an edging treatment and how to hang it. What would you suggest?

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  1. He looks a real character! As you’ve several red discs I would suggest making him double sided Ruth, that way it doesn’t matter if he turns a little when he’s on the tree. A thread to match the sari silk might be nice for edging with blanket stitch.

  2. Love the snowman – his wobbly smile makes it look like he may have been enjoying some mulled wine or a festive punch! I think I’d be tempted to blanket stitch a circle of felt onto the back so it looks neat on both sides and gives a finished edge but with a home made look. Or you could use some iron-on bonding fabric to join the two pieces.

    You could make some colourful felt for the backs, use up off-cuts from previous projects or just firm up some of your existing prefelt. Then I’d use either ribbon or thick thread in a complementary colour to sew on a loop hanger.

    …..come to think of it, I don’t suppose mulled wine would be good for a snowman. Maybe a chilled punch.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! LOL, I can see my snowman melting into a little puddle after enjoying his hot cider. I will have to check to see if I have any felt rejects that will work for a back.

  3. Karen and Lindsay have some good ideas to make him double sided – ornaments do swing round on the tree.

    Love his face! Your embroidery brought him to life and made me smile! The sparkly sari ribbon completes the Christmas look and makes the hat appear 3D.

  4. Your snowman definitely looks as if he has been up to some tricks! I’m still grinning writing this.
    I agree about making the ornament double-sided.
    Could you edge it with a festive coloured cord using either a blanket stitch or simple over-sew stitch? That might also give it a little more weight to hang well.
    Looking forward to seeing the next snow ‘characters’.

    1. Thanks Antje, a cord edging sounds like a good idea. I will have to see if I have anything festive. Hopefully, more snowmen coming soon.

    1. Thanks Ann, I like the double sided idea but that would be twice the work as I already have 7 people to give these to. But I will have to see how fast they go.

    1. Thanks Leonor, I didn’t think of that ribbon right away as it is multi colored. Since I only need a short piece it worked perfectly.

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