Challenge – make an item for your home for the festive season

Challenge – make an item for your home for the festive season

This  is my version of a commonplace Christmas decoration – it’s not an original idea but it’s unique because I’ve made all the bits. I used fibre in the form of fabric, yarn and merino wool tops.

My colour palette was inspired by the winter sky – blue, white, yellow, pink and grey.

I cut a suitable branch from my garden then coloured it with dark blue acrylic paint (photo below shows the branch before painting)…

…then I rummaged around in the glass recycling bin for a suitable bottle to put it in.

To make the cracker, I used a piece of cardboard tube rolled up in fabric (you can see the white tube through the fabric in the middle) …

…then tied either side of the tube with sewing thread.  The ends were trimmed with pinking shears and the cracker was finished with some narrow organza ribbon.

I knitted a stocking using a  free pattern for mini knitted socks  then stuffed it with some merino wool fibres.  I like this pattern because it’s knitted on two needles, not the usual four, so it’s very easy.

The snowgirl was made from 3 large white felted beads and some floral wire (see how to make felt beads ) and how to make a felt bead snowman).

Her hat is made from a rectangle of knitting drawn up along one long side, seamed, then a small pompom added made from the same wool.


Her scarf is a simple knitted i-cord.  Here is a video – how to make an icord

The tree is a scrap of blue felt, cut to shape, then decorated with fancy yarn.

The star is cut from a scrap of thick felt – yellow on one side and pink on the other.  I applied PVA glue to the edges to stiffen it.


I made 5 snowflakes but each is unique – that’s another way of saying that I made several mistakes because I was watching a film whilst crocheting and not paying enough attention!

I made 15 large felt beads in winter sky colours – but I only used 12.  As I was hanging everything onto the branch I reached a point where I realised I had enough and I had to stop.  The photo below shows them drying on a rack.

Everything was hung onto the branch using thin, yellow coloured wire.

This was a really easy, fun Christmas decoration to make and the variations are countless.  I hope you enjoy making something for your own home, and if you want to share photos please post them here fourth quarter challenge 2020




14 thoughts on “Challenge – make an item for your home for the festive season

  1. What a wonderful holiday display! I love handcrafted ornaments so these are perfect. And no two snowflakes are alike so no worries about the crocheted snowflakes.

    1. Thank you Ruth. Decorations don’t have to be perfect or complicated – the best ones are fun to make and look at. I really enjoyed making this.

  2. These are lovely! I used to have all of the children’s handmade decorations on the tree. My daughter has them now. I just pull out a 3ft ready decorated tree every year as I have a tiny space. I didn’t make decorations for myself this year, but I did make some for others. I try and make something every year now. By the time my children have little ones, they should have a nice collection. 🙂

    1. Thank you Arlene. I love to see children’s handmade decorations – I think they’re good because children are so free with colours and patterns.
      A collection built up over the years is fun and when they get unpacked every December each one brings memories.

    1. Thank you Karen. The winter sky palette does make a change from traditional Christmas colours and it really suits the modern trend of pale grey walls.

    1. Thank you Lindsay. I’ve loved making Christmas decorations since starting school but back then it usually involved a paper plate, a candle, glitter, lots of glue and some greenery from the churchyard next to the school.

  3. I knew this was your post without reading the name….the colours gave you away. Your decorations are a happy mix & definitely bring a smile.
    As many have said above they conjure memories of happy times making ornaments with, for and by my children.
    You’ve given me an idea – this year I will gather them onto my ‘seasonal’ branches I have permanently displayed in a corner. They can replace my trees & deer winter tableau.
    Thanks Lynn

  4. Thank you Antje. This is the first bare branch decoration I’ve made and I love it.

    Although it’s only Nov 5th it’s on display in my house ready for Christmas!

  5. That’s a great idea Marilyn – the grand-children would love to make items to hang on the branch and wouldn’t it make a very special decoration.

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