Past Holiday Efforts – Fourth Quarter Challenge

Past Holiday Efforts – Fourth Quarter Challenge

Annie and Lyn recently posted the Fourth Quarter Challenge. I thought I would take a look at what holiday decorations and cards I had created in the past. It’s always easy for me to forget about pieces I have created so it’s nice to walk down memory lane and I thought I would share what I found.

Here’s a set of cards that I made in 2017 for the Holiday Card exchange that we have on the forum. I used some samples that I had made for the Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online class.

This is the card that I made last year.

And another card made in 2018.



Here’s the 2016 cards that I created.

And these are a few different ornaments that I created over the years.

In 2013, I stitched a bunch of these bowls to give to people filled with candy.

I just found another card from 2016. I’m not sure why I made so many different cards that year.

And just for fun, here I am with Deb and Nanci at Christmas Stroll at The Purple Pomegranate.

We did make some Ukraninan eggs one year (not exactly fiber but still holiday!)

And another just for fun photo of me as a baby by the tree.

Here’s a basket I made as a Christmas gift. I’m not much of a weaver but it turned out OK.

And I thought you might like to see a bit of winter decoration from Mother Nature.

That was a fun trip down memory lane. Now I need to get started on this year’s holiday card. If you would like to join in the forum’s Holiday Card Exchange, sign up here.

Or, if you have some holiday creations that you’d like to share, you can post them here.


10 thoughts on “Past Holiday Efforts – Fourth Quarter Challenge

  1. You’ve made some lovely festive things, Ruth. I particularly like the round baubles. Are they needle felted? Having said that, it’s difficult to top Mother Nature: that’s a beautiful photo.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! The round ornaments have a wet felted base around a plastic whiffle ball. The rest is needle felted. And I agree, it is definitely hard to top Mother Nature.

  2. Mother Nature wins hands down – fantastic festive fireworks.

    That’s a lovely photo of yourself, Debs and Nanci and I found myself smiling back at you all.

    What a great collection of holiday makes – my favourites are the tree baubles and stitched trees – but the woven basket is a thing of beauty and I hope the recipient appreciated it.

  3. Thanks Lyn, I always think of fireworks when I look at that photo. The stroll photo was great since we were all smiling and having fun. I’m never sure whether some people appreciate the hand crafted gifts I make. I hope they do though 🙂

  4. You have just made my day Ruth. I love all your Christmas pieces, especially the poinsettia card. You three look so happy on your outing. The fun you were obviously having radiates from the photograph. And what a beautiful baby you were. Just want to pick that child up for a cuddle!

    1. Thanks Helene! It’s fun to see everything all together from past years. I usually send them all away so I tend to forget about them.

      It’s odd to think about how long ago that baby picture was taken. I was about 6 months old then. Time flies…

    1. Thanks Karen 😊, lots of years of making holiday cards! The ornaments were made early on. I doubt that I would spend the time it took to make anything like that now. Getting lazy, I guess. 😉

  5. So nice to see the cards again. Making cards and decorations for Christmas is so much fun. that is a great frosted tree. frost is so hard to get the camera to pick up. You do look like you are having a great time out with friends. I hope we can get back to that again soon.

    1. Thanks Ann! That was a really beautiful morning with that frost. It didn’t last more than about an hour but I got some really good photos. I doubt that the Christmas Stroll event will even happen this year. It would be good to be able to go out with friends again for sure!

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