The wool arrives , part 2 , the delivery

The wool arrives , part 2 , the delivery

The wool had to be delivered. I didn’t take my things out first because I thought everyone would want to see mine too. We met at Jans as she is in the middle. See its not that much wool. There is room for lots more in my car.

Before we started Judy brought some interesting wool for Jan to use as witch hair. It is  Scottish Mule. It is a cross between a Sottish Black Face and a Bluefaced Leicester.

The first box had my Finish batts

Jans core wool, shetland prefelt and Fawn Corriedale roving. Can you believe it? Jan took so many pictures and non of her own pile. Here’s a shot of the prefelt.

and then unexpectedly my sample packs were at the very bottom.

They are Bambino and Glitzy sample packs. I will keep one of each and sell the rest.

Then it was time for box 2 We got a few things out of the top

But then it was time to up-end it.

It was fun sorting who had what.

I got some wool called tweed it is South American wool and viscose. I got pink and grey I liked the look of it. I think it would make a nice hat. It was compressed down so I opened it to have a better look. Oh look, there is Jans core wool behind.

Isn’t it cool looking?

Then it started to get windy so we had to get the tent down.

And then it was time for me to head home before it decided to start Raining too.

You can see Jan added a trumpet Vine to my box. It is continuing to add roots in a bucket under the apple tree.

That was our adventure in wool buying, I hope you enjoyed it.



20 thoughts on “The wool arrives , part 2 , the delivery

  1. I didn’t know that you could get shetland pre-felt at WOW. I can see it only when I search for it, otherwise it isn’t in the lists. Please let us know how it felts. You have some lovely things there that I haven’t seen before! I have such wool envy now. I have a self imposed ban on buying more as I need to use up what I have as I went a bit mad in the sales at the beginning of the year!

  2. Wonderful, it must have been like 5 or 6 Christmases all at once. That should keep you busy for 5 minutes! How on earth do yo choose what to have a go with first? Have fun

    1. It is great fun choosing and and then finally seeing it when it arrives. Sadly I haven’t used anything yet. I was back to work week for me so no time until I get reorganized.

  3. We enjoyed looking at the snapshots Ann – and doesn’t all the wool look good but those sample packs are intriguing !

    Yeh – you could have bought twice that amount – your car looked empty with just 2 boxes 🙂

    1. Yes I would have like to get all the special sample packs. One was very expensive. I think its called Glitter. I had to settle for Glitzy. Maybe next time.

  4. What a great haul and I agree with Lyn, you should have bought at least twice as much to fill the car 😉

    I don’t need to buy anything new for a while since I still have a lot of wool to use up that Paula gifted to me.

    1. I suppose if I took everything out of the boxes and let the air into the bags it would fill up the car better. I have fleeces to wash but I haven’t got to them yet.

  5. My favorite thing is to go to the shop and see and handle and dream about all is there and pray no one has beaten me to look in the botany lap waste bins!

    1. Oh, I am so jealous that you get to visit. I would be in heaven and I wouldn’t have to worry about meeting shipping targets. I could even get some retail while I was there.

  6. Oh my, is it wrong of me to admit I’d like to stuff my face in that wool? 🙂 I hope you’re happy with all your purchases! Sounds like you’ll have lots of felting in your future…

    On another positive note, I think I can now comment of people’s posts again! Ah, technology.

  7. Ann that was lots of fun!! we will need to do it again for a cat cave happening extravagaza too! (shopping for finn!!! 4 or 5 kgs?) i think my new furry kitten-neices may be in to fish. i wonder how big thay well be? i better check there not bird oriented!!!

  8. I’ve just had a fibre delivery from Bulgaria that once opened would not go back into the box! It was exciting to open it. So I can imagine how you all felt rummaging through the various boxes. Space in your car would easily have filled had you opened all the bags.

    I’ve heard of retail therapy, but I think for us it is fibre package opening therapy!

    1. Oooo fibre from at Bulgaria, how exciting. It is so much fun to open it up and see it all pop out and refuse to be boxed up again. I think it wants to be used. Fibre therapy is the best therapy.

  9. Or as a large part of the UK population would say these days “Fibre Ferapy”! Might make a fun title for a textile shop or exhibition?

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