More sewing shenanigans (but still no waistcoat)

More sewing shenanigans (but still no waistcoat)

If you’ve been following my waistcoat sewing adventures, you’ll know I was fairly optimistic I’d have a finished (or, more advanced) garment to show you by now.

Here she stands, in a corner, mocking me…

The thing is… I’ve hit a snag. After finding out the shoulder area needed more work, and realising the pattern I’d bought was more or less useless, I got discouraged. The major mental roadblock was finding out I’ll probably need to remove all the tailor interlining I’d hand sewn in order to fix the shoulder problem; also knowing my pattern-making skills are still in their infancy and therefore can’t be trusted, isn’t helping.

Of course, I’m nothing if not a great procrastinator, and therefore do have something new to show you.

In my free time (ok, when I’m stressed) I managed to follow a commercial pattern and make a new rabbit, as well as her garments.


She’s got a lovely dress as well as some cute boots, plus a very proper-looking jacket!
The jacket was the most complicated make (I also found a couple of tiny instruction mistakes) but the most fun. She looks cozy, doesn’t she?

I had some leftover material and decided to create a smaller version of the bunny. I’m still undecided on gender. This is important as it will define the wardrobe. What do you think, boy rabbit or girl rabbit?

Made from scraps of felt. I’ll probably change those weird eyes!

I had my bunny family sitting on a shelf in my studio. They looked alright there, but… incomplete.

My studio library isn’t fibre-centric at all…

Suddenly I remembered I had a pattern for an armchair, part of the rabbit collection. It looked both complicated enough to be entertaining and simple enough to be finished in a short amount of time. I had to make two.

Well… the pattern had a couple of mistakes (this is starting to become a thing with me, isn’t it?) so I did have to take some time away from it after realising I’d cut the fabric too short in some places. After some consideration, a solution presented itself and I managed to finish one armchair.


I did it in patchwork fashion for a trendy look. I’d never done this type of fabric assembly before, so if there’s anyone reading who understands how it works, feel free to point out any mistakes I might have made.

All in all, I think it came out quite decent, and my rabbit looks comfy and elegant sitting on it.


Now… there’s a tiny bit of felting to be had in this story. See the chair’s rounded arms? The pattern tells me to use some wool batting, roll it up and hand sew in place. I had a better idea: I receive a weekly food box that has an insulating padding made of recycled bottles, and I thought, “this would be a great way to reuse it!” Will it felt, though? I brought out my needles, had a go, and success!

Needle felted plastic, who would’ve guessed?

This will be going in the other armchair that I haven’t finished yet. Wish me luck, I hope this second one comes out looking similar, or I’ll have to create a story in my head as to why one rabbit is more deserving of comfort than the other…

So… maybe next post I’ll have a waistcoat? Don’t hold your breath, but fingers crossed.

What have you been up to lately? Any miniature furniture sewing? Tell me all in the comments section.


25 thoughts on “More sewing shenanigans (but still no waistcoat)

  1. I love both the rabbits and am totally in awe of the rabbits jacket which is stunning. I think the new one is a boy in need of old fashioned britches- and as for the armchair- wow- now my creations will want one too. I loved looking at your bookcase too, people’s bookcases are wonderful aren’t they. I’m finishing off a knitted scarecrow today. Hope you sort out the waistcoat, I have no sensible suggestions to make.

    1. Thanks! I just followed the instructions πŸ™‚ That jacket took me a little while for sure! I also haven’t had the courage to do the buttonholes yet…
      Yes, make an armchair for your creations! Go to Cool Crafts website and you should find it (or let me know if you’d prefer the book, which has a lot more than just one pattern).
      That bookshelf is my favourite one in my place πŸ™‚
      Happy scarecrow knitting!

  2. Broken patterns are very frustrating and I am sure end up discouraging people who are just starting. I am no great sewer so would be really mad if a pattern didn’t work.
    I think the new rabbit should be gender neutral. Sew some sweats or jeans and T-shirt and make some running shoes. Then bunny is what ever someone wants/needs.

    1. Broken patterns are the worst! This has been a very frustrating experience :/

      I’m not too able to make a gender neutral rabbit for the sole reason that the patterns I have for them are very “either/or…” (I’m not creating anything from scratch)

  3. Love the rabbits & armchair, but couldn’t find the patterns at – did you mean a different website? And what is the book you have referred to? Thanks!

  4. Absolutely love the armchair! It’s so pretty – great choice of fabrics.

    Your new rabbit is very sweet and her clothes are lovely. The one you’ve just started is deffo a boy.

    Shame about the waistcoat. Maybe you’ll wake up one day and decide to just go for it! What have you got to lose?

    1. Thanks! That set of fabrics was bought on impulse online, and once it arrived I had no idea what to make with it… until I remembered the armchair πŸ˜€

      Another vote for boy!

      I think once the weather starts cooling I might feel more inclined to tackle the waistcoat. Having to remove all the tailoring I’ve made is going to be painful…

  5. Your rabbit family is adorable. I vote for boy for the smaller one. The chair is adorable and I’m sure the second one will be easier. It always seems easier to me once I have made one. Sorry the waist coat is giving issues but I’m certainly no help because I don’t enjoy pattern sewing at all. It took me forty years to realize that I actually liked sewing, just not pattern and clothing sewing. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! Oh my, another vote for boy – definitely no doubts there, then πŸ˜€

      I’d love to know how you made that discovery, did it just come to you one day, or did it take a lot of thought? And what do you sew, besides felt? πŸ™‚

    2. I was “strongly encouraged” as a child to learn to sew but I hated it. All the sewing I did at the time was making clothing or following patterns. And that was not for me. It was only until I discovered free motion machine stitching and rediscovered hand stitching that I liked sewing again. I sew on any kind of fabric or felt, it just depends on what look I’m trying to achieve.

  6. I’m late replying here EH….for some reason I don’t get the mail until the end of the day & then I fall asleep!
    So new rabbit is definitely a young cheeky boy, but not naughty, just adventurous. I agree with Dungarees.
    Soz about your waistcoat….hope the galvanising moment will occur in the not too distant future, not 2 years as I’ve found on a few occasions.

    Ooooo that chair looks soooo inviting – a great make

    Your relaxed Lapin family will Certainly enhance your sewing room. All papa Lapin needs now is a book & some glasses! A wise chappie Calmly watching all the cat & mouse activity!!!

    1. Ha, no worries! Fun fact, I don’t think I got a notification for your comment…

      Ok, so no one thinks it might be a girl. It’s a boy, then!

      Waistcoat will eventually be made. It might happen that I make something else (wearable) and afterwards feel inspired. Not too worried at the moment!

      Chair came out great! I’m afraid to see what the other one will look like πŸ˜€

      You know I’m into bookbinding, right? This means you’ve just given me the idea of creating a mini book for Alfie…

  7. The bunnies are adorable. I vote boy for the little one. And such a creative use of scraps for the chair. I love the red jacket, too. Have fun! The waistcoat will be there when you get back to it.

    1. It’s unanimous for Boy! Darn it, I had a cute bunny fabric to make a dress, too :p
      I wish those were indeed scraps – I actually cut the fabric to get it to look more “trendy…” Don’t tell anyone πŸ˜€

      I’m seriously considering buying a waistcoat so I can copy the pattern…

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