Felting Alfresco (Outside! Its Summer!)

Felting Alfresco (Outside! Its Summer!)

Fortified with Ann’s Butter tarts with pecans and raisins as well as cheesy scones I was ready to begin.

  1-2 Ann inspires more felting with her fine baking!

We were expecting dry, very warm temperatures for most of the week so up went the umbrellas to keep the lettuce from bolting out of their planters and add a bit more shade to the side yard. (Really, it’s just the part of the driveway we don’t drive on.)

  3-4 the side yard with Lots of potted plants and a few trees.

You may have heard me mention we use to have a very tall dog (he was a failed lab experiment. He seemed to be an attempt to combine a lab with a Russian wolfhound. It did not go as well as expected.) He also thought he was a cat. He didn’t like to get wet so we built him a covered area by the gate. He also used my flower boxes by the garage as a litter box.


5 Since Miaka’s, centre of the Universe, slept on the big  couch pillow,

66 Barking Cat, Mr. B, was determined to balance on edge of the oversized pillow too.

77 the covered area that we had to make so Mr. B would go out to the side yard if it rained.

I cleared the metal bench of plants and gardening clutter that had collected there and moved the stack of mesh plastic baskets holding fleece to be washed to one side. This gave me room to sit. I brought out a small folding table. Glenn had used it for a blacksmithing demo and it has not been quite the same since. Now with a place to spread out a bit and a lovely view of the snow blower I was ready to start work.

When we last left off,  Mer-pet 1, aka the young female great white shark, was looking vary shark-ish. Well, at least shark-ish enough that she would not easily be mistaken for a gold fish. I think we could make her happier if she were not easily mistaken as coral or other oceanic rocks (she is made of  brown/beige  mixed alpaca fibre so she was rocking the camouflage look a bit too much).

After a quick acquisition run last week to get better base colours for the Mer-family, I am now ready to think about colours. With Guild work increasing and a trip out to get the walker (which I took for a test roll)  i cut back my goal for this week.  It is now to get the base colour onto the shark. So I started up my audio book and got to work making her more colourful.

 8-10 Sharkette lounging in fibre.

1111 She is either tying to help speed up the addition of colouring or she is hungry and is eating the needle holder.

If she doesn’t eat my needle pen, I will be adding layers of shading to give her a more sexy shark look. i am pleased with the way her skin ripples as she flexes her tail, i hope with a bit more added shading she will be much more impressive.

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12-15 A few shots of the not quite as naked sharkette during the alfresco felting.  Please don’t mention cream sauces to her, it may make her nerves or hungry.  (Neither state is good in a shark.)

7 thoughts on “Felting Alfresco (Outside! Its Summer!)

  1. The shark is looking fabulous!

    Ann’s tarts really do look delicious don’t they? Your side garden is pretty and a good way to use the space – also no bending for the tending of the plants!
    Your pets look so contented and healthy – but then they’re well looked after by the sound of it.

    1. thanks! shark has a lot more work but is at least covered in her underware layer now.

      yes razing the garden has alowed me to keep gardeing even with an anoyed back. it is realy nice to sit comfortably in a chair and weed!

      We miss the kids vary much. we found the 3 tiny kittens in a parking lot behind a Harvies hamberger fast food place. we kept 2 and our house mate at the time kept one. our kids (Evil and Miaka) were spoiled espeshaly since thay had such a dificult begining being extreemly underfeed and underweight. so we did things like get them an ice creem cake for there 3rd birthday (which was unexceptable. Icecreem is the liquid at the bottom of boles not this solid cold stuff. i had to microwave there ice creem cake to make it exceptible.) but the real disapointment was there 5th birthday when we got them the Dog. you know, Young cats can haddle the resposibility of there own pet, but its always the pairent who winds up takeing care of the new pet! thay were not impressed with the gient, we later found out, 7 month old puppy. so thay set about improving him, if he wasnt just visiting! after Mr B had an accident in the living room while we were out at work, he started using planter boxes along the side yard as a litter box. it was hallarious and disterbing. im still not shure how the cats explaned litter boxes to him. he had one dog bath with Ann which He did not like then started Self bathing like the cats so he didnt have to have another one. he was extreemly festidious about not getting dirty. he avoided getting his feet wet in puddles from the day we brot him home. he was a vary strange dog but quite a respectible cat. he even didnt come when you called him or play fetch. he did do the moring shift watching the bird feeder. the cats took over in the afternoon when the sun moved to that side of the house.

      other than Evil who forgot to tell us he had abdominal cancer (no sine of any problem untill the day he went to the vet just befor his 15th birthday) Miaka and Mr.B both lived to extreem geriatrics. Miaka was just short of her 20th birthday and Mr B was almost 16 which for someome of his hight is extreemly long lived the vet had gessed he would live about 8 or 9 years. so he was well past his best befor date. all the kids were pampered and had a say in optimal ferniture placement (within reson no one was alowed to sit on the back of the new lether couch when we got it, not even Glenn!)

      the covered area by the side gate is a relic from the time when we had kids, thay were a bit shorter and furryer than i had anticipated for kids, but thay were well loved and still are vary missed.

    1. Thanks Ruth! she looks less nakid now (there is still a lot of shading to do!). i am having a blast with this group of Mer’s and there pets. this is likly going to last for a while. considering my averion to wetness i am extreemly suprized i am having so much fun with this subjectmater!

  2. thanks Ann! its a bit behind yours in flowering. i finaly have flowers on the snow peas! i hope thay hurry befor the next batch of hot weather hits! i was thinking of the group as a vary tall mobile but may try to make a basket for them. your stange ailian creation is intreeging too.

    and your Butter tarts are keeping me going!!!

  3. Sharkette….I like the name & looking forward to seeing her shading.
    Lettuce in pots with their own umbrellas! Cool, no pun intended!

    Our Cockerpoo has never liked water, other than that he is intelligent And all dog.

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