Trying to make up for a bad beginning to January 2020 so lets go buy more Fibre!

Trying to make up for a bad beginning to January 2020 so lets go buy more Fibre!

A bad beginning to January 2020

January 8th 2020 started a series of sudden unexpected Doctor and Dentist appointments culminating in a trip to emergency. It was an infection on one side of my face with a strong possible suspect of a broken tooth for its source. Three antibiotics later, one of them IV administered, I was off to see the dental surgeon for a consultation on Friday Jan. 17th. Really it was just to be an assessment then that word “expedited” from the specialist at the hospital came up and I was requested to return that afternoon at 3 for an extraction. They could squeeze me in while he was doing a triple wisdom tooth extraction. Oh no! Oh well, it has to be done and it would be under full anesthetic which works much better than locals for me. I’m not sure what they used this time but it must have had a codeine chaser. I was wide awake till after 4:30am last night then wide awake by 8am this morning. Since I was still a bit frozen in spots but was feeling pretty perky Glenn said he would be porter and take me as long as I took it easy.

OK now on to the fibre related stuff:


1) Wheels on Fire / Les Rouets en Feu Spin-in January 20, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Wheels on Fire is the first spin-in of the year. A time to stock up for the rest of the snow and deep freeze that can be Ottawa in the winter. Also it’s a chance to see friends from other guilds and meet some of the ladys and gentlemen from the Quebec side of the river.

It is held at Le Cabane just at the edge of the Gatineau park. It’s an old log building with a few large meeting rooms, all of which were in use today by various groups. We had a lower turn-out this time due to impending snow dump forecast for later this afternoon. However, for those who could make it, there was great shopping of fibre, yarn, felting needle and holders, Japanese embroidery templates and thimbles and did I mention fibre?

There was also to be a talk and slide show on the flax study groups findings for 2019

2-12) Report on the Flax project 2019. There will be a 2020 Flax project if you want to join in on this summer and fall’s study group you still have time to sign up.

Glenn found a great spot in the far corner and I set up for felting then I promptly wandered off to get photos. I keep forgetting to get of shot of the outside of the building before I go in. Sorry, but if you want to see a summer shot of the building you could take a peek here:

please note the size of the logs as you see the inside pictures.   Finally a few shots of vendors and participants:

13 13)  $5.00 cost to get in, Tim Hortons coffee and the roll of door prize tickets.

 14—16)  The drawing and the Door prizes

 17-18) the Cabane and the man who created it.

 19 -20) Fibre cleaning supplies for sale

 21-23) Icelandic fleeces and kids leather mitts.

  24-30)Fibre buttons and felting supplies

 31 – 33) the pink blue and white batts are the from the fibre she won a couple years ago at wheels on fire 2018!It was a donation from the Wool Growers Co-Op in Carlton Place (just west of Ottawa)

  34-36) stitch markers

  37-40) Bernadette organized the event, selling batts and locks of fibre.

 41- 47)Weaving and spinning wooden supplies, more fibre!

  48-50) Art batts, wild colour batts!

 51-54) basketry complete with a demo! (he does workshops and gives very good presentations on basketry)

                   55                            55)Yarn to knit or weave

 56-59) Indigo dyed cloths, natural dyed yarn, Japanese Embroidery –kits supplies needles and templates.

                       60                    60) Really big logs

 61-75 some of the participants today

 76-80) Ceinture Flechee


After such a fun day the snow started and we all made a run for home. Even with the threat of the impending storm the day was wonderful. There were many of the items I was hoping to find for sale and it was lots of fun talking with many of my fibre Friends.

81-82) The storm was just starting. It was time to get home and back to indoor ice (pack) and antibiotics!

Now home I can write up my day and a few quick shot of today’s purchases to inspire your own shopping. I think my year may be looking up since both Glenn and I won door prizes! He got the silk wash and I won Green Locks from Bernadette!

83-87) Shopping! (i went from 6 students for a full class to 18 students wanting to take needle felted sheep workshop so i had to get more supplys!)

I hope your year is starting out with lots of fibre and no trips to doctors and dentists!

17 thoughts on “Trying to make up for a bad beginning to January 2020 so lets go buy more Fibre!

  1. Hi,
    Hope you’re feeling better now. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your news and events even though I’m thousands of Miles away in Devon UK. I’m running some small workshops for 2 to 3 people in my little art Felting studio. Next Sunday we’re wet felting Devon landscapes in a loose painterly style and the following week we’re nuno felting scarves and neck warmers. I’ll send pics if you like. Anyhow, warm regards to all you felters out there! Love Judi Binks xx

    1. Thanks Judy! i spotted a workshop id love to go to that is offered in England so im envious of whats happening neer(er) you!! i also enjoy using wool in a water colour like way to make images. i think the most successful has been the half fox face i just have to get my butt in gear and finish the whiskers! i would love to see your pics! it sounds like you really enjoy teaching too! keep warm and have lots of fun getting more people addicted to the fun of felt!

  2. We’re glad you’re over the awful trauma in your mouth – very painful.

    Love the log cabin – it’s fabulous! Thank you for sharing the photos Jan, we really enjoy your posts.

    1. thanks i hope the cellulitis that started all the antibiotics dosnt come back! but the teeth are no longer going to be a problem so i just have to wate for them to heal and in the mean time think about what to felt next more sheep i suspect!
      yes the building is amazing the size of the logs are huge! if you are in the area next year please come join us!!

      the logging industry sent many trees floating down the Ottawa river to mills in Ottawa and farther down river. i have vage memorys of dead heads in the water when i was young but i dont remember an acual log drive. logs now travle on trucks to get to the mills that are left. thay are usualy much smaller logs than the one in Le Cabane.

    2. Would love to come to see the event Jan but it would involve a round trip of 6,592 miles (as the crow flies) across the North Atlantic.
      That’s why we appreciate your lovely photos!

  3. Those are really really big logs, and of my what a wonderful haul you got. Hope the tooth or lack of is fine now. I have dentist next month. Routine mammogram was all clear.

    1. its always good to pass the medical tests correctly! Well Done!!! Good luck with your dentest next month and i hope you get the realy good drugs afterwords! (wow awake till 4:30 am but i got a spair blog mostly done! i will have to check if it makes any sence!) have fun felting!!!

    1. thanks! its starting to look up Glenn and I both won door prizes the rest should improve over the next week or so i hope! did you spot the home made wheel with the mettle work? he only makes gorgous wheels for his wife! and he insists he will only have the one wife he already has!! (he has had offers of marrage to get a wheel!)

    1. thanks yes got to keep on with the ice. if only it was Iceing (like on cake) but that will just lead to more trips to the dentist! i hope you will have lots of fiber festivals to go to beat the winter duldrums!

  4. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues but it looks like you had a great day out! Thanks for all the photos. It make it seem like everyone can “attend” the event. Hope you are all better soon!

    1. thanks Ruth! i enjoy living vicariously through others vacations, workshops, and felting fotos! i jsut wish we could move everyone a bit closer together so we could all attend each others events!

    1. Ann you showed grate Restraint! i hope you post your aquisition on Facebook. it was realy fun seeing everyone yesterday! and grate to get out of the house!

  5. Looking at your photos Jan I feel as if I was there. What a great buying opportunity too.
    In March we have a ‘Spring into Wool’ fest in North England, having been last year I’m hoping to visit again….but….oh….the temptations are so great to re-home so much on offer!
    I’ve stayed in a log cabin on a visit to the states – it had such an ambience and the memories are still very vivid 10 yrs later. The logs for Le Cabane are large & I’m thinking about all the work needed to create the structure.
    I share your frustration over the start to 2020….I didn’t see either Christmas (my favourite time) or New Year as I was quite poorly. The upside….things can only get better. I hope your dental situation improves very quickly.

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