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  1. Jan’s blog about her day was so interesting and, yes, funny. You sound like me with so many things you like to do. I love cleaning fleeces and seeing how they look when cleaned. Then I have all these curls and don’t know what to do with them. Any ideas? I made a lot of scarves with them which are very beautiful but take forever to make. Thanks for you r great stories.

    1. Thank you for stoping and reading! and i am glad you enjoyed my day.

      One of my present ongoing projects is that i am collecting tog (the outer gard hairs of an Iclandic sheeps fleece) to weave into a medieval style blanket that looks a bit like a shag carpet. the reson the tog is good is becouse it dosnt flet as easily so will stay open and trap air to keep the person under the blanket extra warm. the curls you are collecting may work for this or the tops of felt boots, the edging for a bag, amazing stormy clowds in a felt picture or may be lots of fun to spin! have you seen the needle fleting multy tool that is a mettle bar with 10 felting needle in a row? the woolery sells it (FeltCrafts Ten-Needle Tool, FEL-10). it may speed up your felting to pre tack in the locks or spot tack where its not holding as well as you would like. i have used mine to make full backgrounds to then work on for pictures. sometimes grate stuff just takes time but the results make it still worth doing. then its time to educate the public so they will apresiate why the price is so high.

      have fun and if you cant find something to do with your lock collection maybe thay need a gorgous bole to sit in so thay can be admiered and occationaly petted for there wonderfll feel. if thay are sitting there looking gorgus thay will inspier you to do something, (hopefully not vacumeing)

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