Third Quarter Challenge Coming Along.

Third Quarter Challenge Coming Along.

I showed you a blank canvas last time.

I have finally moved forward from there.  It was a slow start. I had a hard time finding a lightweight dissolvable stabilizer. But I did in the end.

Step one was to trace my pattern onto the stabilizer.

I did the rivers first and then the roads. I had to spin some yellow for the roads. I thought it would be easier to use then roving for that part.

I did the rivers first because the roads go over them.

I got the major roads done.

Next, are the secondary roads. That’s all that shows form this level of zoom. I think I will put them in with thread and outline the whole city in red. Hopefully, by my next post, that will be done. once I am finished I can move onto the fourth quarter challenge and get it done in time.

11 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge Coming Along.

  1. What a good idea for cityscape Ann! It looks fun to do as well – needle felting details is so satisfying.

  2. What stabilizer did you use? Have never tried this approach….it makes so much sense! Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Your welcome. what I have is called Pellon 541 Wash-n-Gone. It is transparent enough that you can trace things. I have heavier opake stuff that I was going to use carbon paper to trace onto if I couldn’t find any lighter stabilizer. I got it in a quilt store.

  3. This is a really fun concept. The wash away stabilizer works great for this type of pattern. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

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