Why does everything seem to take so much longer lately? Continuing in Part 2

Why does everything seem to take so much longer lately? Continuing in Part 2

Why does everything seem to take so much longer lately? Continuing in Part 2

When last we chatted Glenn had just arrived home from a hard day of matching letters and number and not tripping. (don’t scoff this is not a job for me! unless you want your bills and fiber purchases lost to who knows where). i let him get comfortable at the computer for a couple minutes before asking him if he could drain the fleece for me. (He really is vary patent with my interesting hobby)

Fleece coming out of gray bucket with soapy water 36-37

The water is not as dirty as the last fleece! We filled a Dollerama bucket to just below the handles. The water from the hose was mildly warm from the sort of sun which is quickly becoming clouds. Glenn lifted and drained the fleece its container, tipping it to the side to let the water flow out. I may get another one and drill holes in the bottom, then gently placing it into the white bucket of clean water. I pick up and rotated the fleece holding container a couple times then left it to soak a bit more.

Draining the fleece from the wash bucket 38-41

Fleece going into the rinse bucket 42-43

During this delicate part of the fleece-washing operation we were interrupted by a hayness individual determined to steel birdseed! AH I had a weapon in hand so vanquished him in a torrent of bath water! Well I guess that was actually a shower from his criminal perspective. I ran him off twice and checked the lid on the feeder was tight. I’m sure he will break in and steel all the sunflower seeds but at least he will be vary clean when he does it. Evil rodent!!

Skwerl vanquishing!!! 44-47

After about 20ish minuets Glenn and I traipsed outside and I had him drain the fleece pulling the bucket from the rinse water.

Fleece has rinsed and is coming out 48-51

Onto the drying rack 52-54

Someday I should tell you about what my washing fleece inside set up looked like before I got the giant dirty Redo Arcott fleece. Maybe next time?

Its gaming night for Glenn, (no time for corn on the cob tonight so it’s been moved to tomorrow) and he is off to Kanata to play a game about saving sheep in the low country from levees and dikes that are about to brake. A vary noble endeavor! (I hope everyone including the sheep stay dry)


Sheep game 55

Now if the back neighbors raccoons don’t try to help I will have the first washed fleece dry by later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. Then weather willing on to the next fleece tomorrow.

Update; the sun is defiantly gone after a brief valiant attempt at making it hard to see the computer screen. I may have to move the fleece drying under the dog shelter in a bit. I checked the weather forecast there may be unpleasant wetness later tonight. (That makes sense after all the watering earlier today.) So I will let the fleece drip a bit more before moving the rack.

I have gathered up the partly dry fleece and moved the drying rack. I went looking for a piece of sheers but found another fleece. Where did I get that one? It looks like it was poorly washed or was not washed I through it in the mostly clean soap water and added the rinse water. It can sit overnight and I will through it on the drying rack tomorrow. I put down a sheet since I couldn’t find the sheer for the Icelandic. Although the length is good the ends are vary thin on the tog end and quite thick ion the thule end. This will insure nothing falls through as it dries.


56The drying rack moved under partial cover in case of rain 56


P1570892Getting the last bit dry inside by the register.

I finished it off drying in its bucket in the bathroom (the register is rite behind the bucket and the air conditioning is on).  I took this into the guild social and Ann helped me separated some of the tog and thule.  i will sample spinning the two parts separately then do a sample together. Eventually i will have that Icelandic blanket i keep dreaming about. But that will be later since i have more fleeces to wash before the snow gets closer!

It is quite the feeling of accomplishment when you can start with raw wool strait off the sheep and process it into something to felt, spin or weave. This is just the start of lots more fun!

11 thoughts on “Why does everything seem to take so much longer lately? Continuing in Part 2

  1. What an undertaking! Good for you. Thanks for posting. One day I hope to tackle a fleece. However, I have the same problems with time…

    1. time dose seem to flow at different speeds on different days. one of our guild members was mentioning a way to wash fleece that left it to soak a long time at each stage. that may be the method to look into for you. so you could start it one morning and then drain and rinse it another day. it is really interesting to go from rite off the sheep to finished yarn, cloth or felt. i hope you get to try it too. remember to work at a comfortable height or it will not be as much fun.

  2. Thanks for the details Jan on washing your fleece. Love the squirrel 🙂

    I would like to try the leaving fleeces to soak for long periods of time. I think that would work better for me too.

    1. Thanks Ruth! i will give you the Squirrel and throw in the chipmunk for free is you would like them!! and i may be able to add that rubinesk raccoon if i can catch him.
      the hose water wash just left longer on the soak stage seems to be working quite well for the fleeces i have worked with so far. i think a realy heavy lanilin mite work better with a difernt soap produckt like orvis past or power scower. im useing sunlight dish soap (not the detergent vertion).

    1. Yes its good to have a suportive husband, or at least one who can carry looms, wheels, felting suplys, lift fleece strainers, and spellcheck. (ok my dislexia is starting to distroy his spelling but its taken me much longer than i thot it would.)

  3. We are in the same boat Jan as I have been washing fleece too before the weather completely turns. Like you I’ve still more to do. Interesting reading your technique. How long did this take you in hours?

    1. Hi Antje, im takeing much longer due to a torn L-5 disk. i also have been waiting out unexpected extra rinse cycles that have added to the drying time. it should take me about a day to do a small fleece but i could really use one more drying rack since the drying part has been the bottle neck. the last fleece was not as dirty as the first which speeds up the washing since it doesn’t soak as long or take as many rinses. mostly its one wash 2 rinses and then drying. (then gets rained on and i have to wate for more drying) i have to get Glenn to help build a stand for the wash buckets so i don’t have to bend as much lifting the fleece strainers. i am also considering rebuilding the side yard with clear plastic roofing like over Glenn’s forge. that would give me all the light and none of the rain where im working!

  4. Felt exhausted just reading about the work involved Jan! Interesting post to read and lovely photos. Thank you.

    1. thank you for reading i hope you keep reading through to the end of the next post. i got a bit of a suprize when the last fleece came out!

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