Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?

Another week has gone by and I have not a lot to show for it.  I have done a few things. On Monday  at the guild social I carded some roving that was to felty to spin easily.  Now I have a nice stack of mostly green batts.  I am not sure why I bought these colours. It looks very blue but it is more green then it seems in the picture. And now I am not sure where I put the bag of batts.

On Thursday I dyed some silk scarf blanks they are about 12 inches by 8 feet. I will use them or sell them. I used low water immersion dying that is described her on Paula Burch’s site. http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/lowwaterimmersion.shtml

I like the way they turned out. One is very pale and I may over dye it.

This week we sent out the ecards for all the vendors at my guilds annual sale and exhibition. Jan did these and did an amazing Job. I need to show them off. These are the ones she did for me.

What have you done this week? Will you be doing any shows this fall?

10 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Jan did do an amazing job with the cards! Your scarf blanks are lovely colours Ann and we empathise with you when you wonder where the week went …we lost ours too.

    1. Thanks Lyn and Annie. the cards are really great. I have such plans at the beginning of the week and then al of a sudden it is the end or the week.

  2. It is easy to look back and wonder where the time went. I need to get my drum carder out and make some batts too. Your scarves look yummy.

    Jan’s eCards are wonderful. What a great marketing tool.

    I made some greeting cards this week plus I revamped a wall art piece that wasn’t selling.

    1. I could have used the drum carder but I find form small jobs I like my hand carders better. Jan did an amazing job. Will you show us before and after of the art piece?

  3. The colours on your scarves are gorgeous Ann, and Jan’s ecards are very inviting.

    Time does evaporate….but this week I have managed some sewing (having repaired my machine – twice – arrrrgh – and when every second is precious!) in an attempt to complete a piece of work from a workshop I attended. Our group have an exhibition of work at the end of August….it is too fast approaching and not enough hours between life’s other plans for me!

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