I Finally Finished These Hats.

I Finally Finished These Hats.

People in class and on line often ask if they can leave a piece of felt over night or a day and then finish it. The answer is yes most defiantly. I have left pieces over night many times but these 2 hats just did not seem to want to be made. I started one 4 weeks ago and the other 3 weeks ago I think. Every time I went to work on them I ended up with about 15 min. So they just got rerolled and tossed back in the dryer for a 10 min roll/tumble and then they would be ignored for another few days.

The first is sort of a fairy hat. This is the resist shape

When I folded over the wool of the first side I added in two rolled flowers at the top.

Then some leaves and throwsters waste when I added the second side of the hat.

This is what the throwsters waste looks like.

It finished up pretty well. Mostly I am just happy it is done.

And I forgot to take pictures of the other one in prosses but it was the same as the other one this shape. https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2019/03/19/the-finished-hat-2/

I used some of the mesh yarn. It is like lattice but in a tube.  I got several colours form them second had store. They seemed to have received a large quantity of it. It seemed to be new rather than someone stash. This is not a good hat. It will not be for sale.

The mesh yarn did not stay strate. Probably me being to enthusiastic with the rubbing or not being careful enough laying it out in the first place.  I  put it to high on the outside which would have been fine it is was even. I also put it to low on the inside so I had to make the hat taller or have an uneven line of white wool and yarn along the bottom edge, when I folded it up. Then to top it all off or the first time ever the marker I used to draw the resist pattern blead into the wool and stayed after all the soapy water and rinsing. I will toss this into the cut up bin. I think I may save the yarn for a different style hat.

11 thoughts on “I Finally Finished These Hats.

  1. The fairy hat is so pretty Ann! Love it!

    It’s a shame about the other hat – the mesh yarn will come in handy for another project though.

  2. Since so many designs are asymmetrical or uneven now that does not bother me – in fact I might reshape the hat to have one side of the brim flatter (not rolled). I am sure with some reshaping it could be a nice hat.

  3. I think someone would probably love your gray hat just the way it is mainly because it is different. Every time I think I’ve made something totally ugly someone absolutely loves it. Go figure.

    On another note, where do you sell all this stuff? I have boxes of things made and I have an etsy shop. Not very good at etsy but maybe I need to try more. Done some local shows and had some home shows. Still have lots of goods but I love making the felt. Any advice?

    1. Thanks Sherry. I have had that happen too. Mostly I sell at 2 local fibre/textile shows. One put on by the local textile museum, Almont Fiberfest and the other is my guilds sale in November. I do have some small things in a couple of local shops but I haven’t gone out to any stores or galleries to sell my things. I did find you had to be higher price point juried shows to sell hats and more expensive things.

  4. Both great hats Ann. I agree with Frances and Sherry that there is a person out there that will like that hat. I like asymmetrical and the idea to make the brim asymmetrical as well is a good one. Just make the wonkiness a feature 🙂

  5. Ann both hats are great although very different. I can only echo the comments above. There will be a someone for your wonky hat.

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