Six more ladies – Workshop number six!

Six more ladies – Workshop number six!

So the other Saturday saw me heading to tutor another workshop, and as I said in the title, it was my sixth.  How lucky am I to have filled six workshops? when I set out I had no idea if I would get one student!

I took a picture of the lovely room we work in before everyone arrived.  It is light and spacious.  The tables are superb, they are three feet square and it is one per person.  I would not want anyone to feel cramped.  I do have a bit of a workout at the beginning of the day, dragging six of them together!  Take a look how I had to tape the large plastic sheeting around the table leg in case anyone tripped on it as it flapped around the edges somewhat.  I have to do a risk assessment at the start of the workshop to cover myself, telling people that scissors are sharp and not to put the soap in their mouths, I kid you not….


So let’s just dive into the pictures of the day.







I hope you agree with me that these ladies were a talented bunch!  They were a joy to teach, and as usual we had a lot of laughs.  I soon get the measure of people and if I think they are up for a bit of banter, then game on! At the end of the day, we are there to have a fun time and play with wool!

Additionally, I was asked by two of the workshop ladies, now friends, to teach them how to free motion sew the pieces made at the workshop.   This happened recently, just a two hour class, and all went well, and they went away happy with their new knowledge.


12 thoughts on “Six more ladies – Workshop number six!

  1. Your new career is like a snowball – it’s gathering in size as it rolls down the hill!
    But all credit to you – you had to make the snowball in the first place.

    The workshop venue is fabulous and all the students have made lovely pieces of felt.

    The work-tables set-up enables everyone to encourage each other and feel part of everything that’s going on – much better than having tables dotted here and there (we appreciate that every tutor is restricted by the dimensions of the room and the tables available, so ideal is not always possible).

    1. Thank you Lyn. It really is a fabulous room, it is never a chore to be in there, and I look forward to every single class, or I wouldn’t do it. I think I am going to try and pitch them for January February and March only. I think people look for more things to do in the Winter months. I am also thinking of opening up an Etsy store.

    2. I may Lyn thanks, we are planning to move house this year so need to decide whether to leave it until we are settled. Knowing me, I will probably leap in!! Is there a minimum amount of stock you need to start do you know?

    3. As far as I know the minimum item is one! However, a shop looks better with a few things in it – same as a bricks and mortar shop.

    4. Thanks Lyn, I thought that but I know someone who is planning to open one and they are busy making 25 pods because they think that is the minimum!

  2. Kudos on another successful workshop Tracey! I’m sure your enthusiasm is contagious. It’s great you have a following and the venue as Lyn said is ideal. Well worth the exercise putting it together. It seems you thought of everything including safety. The students work is terrific. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Marilyn! Every class is a joy, we all seem to end up having a good laugh once any beginner fears are out of the way. I still feel like pinching myself each time to check it is really me doing it!!

  3. Great job Tracey! It is wonderful to be able to teach what you love to do. The safety bit makes me laugh and yes, everything must be covered in case of lawsuits, sigh. Moving house sounds like a lot of work, hope it goes well.

    1. Thanks very much Ruth! I mentioned to one student about not putting the soap in her mouth and she said she would just stuff cake in there! Yes big upheaval after 23 years of being in present house, but it will be our last move. It is in the Lake District, where I have been forging my life of workshops and craft fairs, so I have something to occupy me when we finally move.

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